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    Security Dilemma
    Q: What do Realists mean by the security dilemma? In particular, why do they consider it to be a dilemma?

    A: The security dilemma, according to Realists, is known as a spiral of insecurity. This stems from the idea that if one state has military preparations which can be questioned as defensive or offensive, other states become worrisome. States begin not to trust one another in fear that one might become too powerful and risk the security of another state. It is a dilemma because all states begin competing over security measures, yet in the end no state feels more secure. Most states feel insecure since they feel like they are all in competition for better amounts of security. TG.

    Why this is a good answer
    (1) It emphasizes all the ideas encompassed in the concept:

    a. Origins are in the military build up of one state

    b. The cyclical effect of military build up of one state – dilemma #1

    c. That the insecurity is not dealt with in the end - dilemma #2

    d. That lack of trust between states is the source of fear between them

    Balance of Power
    Q: Why do many Realists recommend policies intended to realize a balance of power? Put differently, what do they consider to be beneficial about a balance of power?

    A: Realists believe that a balance of power is a result of diplomacy, as well as a natural tendency. They believe it is beneficial because all states will remain at the same level within a balance of power. If one state becomes overly powerful, other states will become worried and join alliances in opposition to the overly powerful state. Germany before World War I is an example of how balance of power was upset in Europe. This “German Problem” led to the outbreak of World War I. Realists understand that if Germany had not upset this balance of power, then WWI may have been avoided. Realists feel it is necessary to restore a new balance of power if one is destroyed in order to keep the world in check and not have states in competition with one another. TG

    Why this is a good answer:

    (1) The meaning of balance of power is given

    (2) She explains that she is viewing this from a Realist perspective, and explains how Realists think BoP is created

    (3) She gives at least one reason why it is important – check state power

    She backs her reasoning (argument) with a concrete example of war resulting
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