11 Features and Changes in Apple Music on iOS 17 (2024)

Apple has finally released the stable version of iOS 17 for all compatible iPhones. A lot of new updates came with this version and Apple Music has also got some new features and fresh changes. Here is a list of of all the changes and features in the Apple Music app in iOS 17.

1. Animated Album Art

Album art has remained the same for a long time in Apple Music. With iOS 17, Apple Music now features a full-screen animated album art that fades down to the player controls in the now-playing section. Here is how it looks.

This is a new way for artists to connect with the audience, as visuals help lift the moods and vibes of the song. However, you won’t see the animated art on all songs as it depends on the artist if they have updated the animated art. Animated art consumes data, so in case you want to disable or play animated art only when connected to Wi-Fi, here’s how to do that.

1. Go into your Settings and tap on Music.

Appe music icon in settings

2. Tap on Animated Art and select the option to turn on, off, or enable only when connected to Wi-Fi.

Click on Animated art and select the option

Note: If your device has a low battery or poor network connection, animated art will not play.

2. View Song Credits

iOS 17 brings the ability to view song credits in the Apple Music app so you can see a list of everyone who worked on the song including the writer, director, performing artists, etc. Here’s how to check the song credit in Apple Music:

1. Tap on the kebab menu button while playing music.

click on kebab menu in the nuw playing section of apple music

2. Select View Credits from the list. It will open a list with the names of all those who worked on the song.

click on view credits

3. Check Audio Quality

You can now look at the audio quality in Apple Music to ensure the best listening experience. To check the audio quality of a song in Apple Music, follow these steps.

1. Tap on the kebab menu button while playing music. 

click on kebab menu of now playing section of Apple Music

2. Select View Credits from the options and scroll to the end of the list.

Click on vie credits. Scroll down and check audio quality.

Tips: To change the sound quality, go to Settings > Music > Audio Quality > Lossless Audio.

4. Enable Crossfade

Crossfade has finally come to Apple Music enabling a seamless transition between the playing song and the next one. Once the current song is about to end, it will just fade into the beginning of the new song. Here’s how to enable crossfade in Apple Music.

1. In the Settings, tap on Music.

Apple Music icon in settings

2. Tap on the toggle next to Crossfade to enable it.

Crossfade toggle

3. Also, you can adjust the duration of the transition in seconds by sliding the bar below.

crossfade bar

Crossfading between songs can disrupt the natural transitions and intended flow of the music, which can impact the music experience, particularly in genres where distinct track separation is important. So if you are one of the music heads who take the compositions seriously, you may want to keep the crossfade off.  

5. Bigger Non-Synced Lyrics Fonts

Not all songs on Apple Music have synced lyrics. This is because of licensing agreements, metadata issues, regional restrictions, or user contributions. Earlier, non-synced lyrics were displayed in small fonts but now, it take up more space and fills the screen making it easier to read.

Non synced lyrics in Apple Music

6. Optimize Storage

Apple Music’s Optimize Storage feature saves storage space by removing less played downloaded songs while keeping your favorite music available for offline listening. New options for optimizing the storage have been added with iOS 17. However. the maximum optimized storage for your iPhone will depend on your iPhone’s total storage. Here is how to check this.

1. In the Settings, tap on Music.

Click on Music in Settings

2. Tap on Optimise Storage.

Optimise storage option in Apple Music

3. Select the storage option of your choice.

Optimise Storae in Apple Music.

Tip: Is your iPhone showing storage full, low storage, or similar errors? You may want to check why your storage is full.

7. Shazam

With iOS 17, Apple Music can now open songs identified using Shazam. A button will appear in the notification pop-up area, tapping which will open the song in Apple Music directly. You can then add it to your favorite or another playlist.

Shazam new user interface and button in Apple Music iOS 17

8. Apple Music Sing Gets Karaoke

Apple Music Sing was announced with iOS 16 with the option to lower the vocals of a song. With iOS 17, it has been upgraded to a full Karaoke setup. The ‌iPhone‌ with ‌iOS 17‌ and Apple TV 4K with tvOS 17 allows you to use your ‌iPhone‌ or iPad as a camera for the ‌Apple TV‌ and cast you on the screen while you perform. With the magic of the continuity camera, you can also apply all-new filters to your session.

Apple Music Sing

9. SharePlay for CarPlay

Get ready to rock with SharePlay and CarPlay! Now everyone in the car can take control of the tunes and jam out together. Passengers have two options to join a SharePlay session directly. They can either tap a notification on their iPhone or scan a QR code. The QR code can be found on either the CarPlay Now Playing screen or on the Now Playing screen of another passenger’s iPhone.

QR code on the Now Playing screen of another passenger's iPhone

10. Device Icon in Now Playing Control Center

In the Control Center under the now playing section, there is a new icon for AirPlay. The icon that you see here will depend on the device you are playing on. It’s a subtle change but looks visually appealing and as of now, displays only different Apple devices.

New device Icon in Now Playing Control Center iOS 17

Tip: Check out what different icons and symbols mean in Apple Music. 

11. Collaborative Playlist

The playlist in Apple Music is now more fun. You can share your playlist or create a new one with your family and friends. All of you can then collaborate to add or remove a song and even react to it. However, this feature is not released yet and will come with a future update of iOS 17. 

Collaborative playlist in Apple Music

Musical Updates

Apple Music has a ton of other new awesome stuff too, like radio stations that are handpicked just for you, playlists that are personalized to your taste, the ability to listen to your special songs even when you’re offline, and even music videos! But what really sets Apple Music apart is how it works seamlessly with other services like Siri, HomePod, and CarPlay.

And if you are looking to switch to Apple Music, they offer a free trial so you can check it out and you don’t have to worry about your Spotify playlists too.

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