11 Fixes for Reddit Not Loading in Google Chrome

Although Reddit has faced backlash due to recent API changes that killed popular third-party apps, the platform still remains the go-to place for users to engage in discussions with like-minded people. While mobile users had a lot of options to browse Reddit, desktop users mostly relied on the web version to check their favorite subreddits. However, Reddit is not loading in Google Chrome for many which may restrict you from participating in important discussions.

Before you switch to another web browser, use the steps below and enjoy a smooth Reddit experience.

1. Check Network Connection

You should first check the network connection on your Mac or desktop. If it’s connected to a sketchy Wi-Fi network, Reddit and other websites won’t load properly.

You need to connect to a high-speed internet network and confirm the same by visiting fast.com. Ensure double-digit network speeds (in Mbps) and try loading Reddit in Chrome.

2. Reload the Reddit Tab

If your desktop has frequent network glitches, Reddit may not load properly. You need to reload the Reddit tab and try your luck again.  

3. Check Reddit Status

When Reddit servers are down, you can’t access any of the subreddits or send messages. You can visit Downdetector and search for Reddit to confirm your suspicions. You have no option but to wait for Reddit to fix the problems from their end.

4. Your Account Is Blocked

Similar to any other social media platform, Reddit comes with community rules and guidelines to follow. If you frequently post or comment that goes against the company rules, Reddit moderators may block your account. You can’t browse your account on Google Chrome or any other browser.

You can contact Reddit or wait for the company to lift the ban on your account. Head over to Reddit support to learn more about the account ban.

5. Disable VPN

Reddit may not work as expected on an active VPN connection. A VPN network changes the IP address on your device. Reddit may detect it as a new suspicious location and block you from accessing the account.

You need to disable a VPN extension or a similar service on the desktop and try loading Reddit again.

6. Clear Chrome Cache

Google Chrome collects Reddit cache in the background to remember your login information and frequently visited tabs. If it collects a corrupt cache, Reddit may not load or work in Google Chrome. You should clear the Reddit cache and try again.

1. Visit Reddit in Google Chrome.

2. Click the tiny lock icon in the address bar and select Site settings.

3. Select Clear data under the Usage menu.

Relaunch Google Chrome and try visiting Reddit again.

7. Check Chrome Extensions

Are you trying to customize your Reddit experience with one of the third-party apps? It may interfere with Reddit. You should uninstall irrelevant extensions from Chrome.

1. Launch Chrome and click the three-dot menu in the top-right corner.

2. Expand Extensions and select Manage Extensions.

3. Select Remove below unnecessary extensions and confirm the same.

8. The Post Has Been Removed

Are you trying to access any specific post or subreddit? If it has violated one of the Reddit rules, the moderators may remove the post or even the entire subreddit from the platform. When you try to visit it, you continue to run into errors. You need to reach out to the user who originally posted on Reddit.  

9. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Active hardware acceleration may mess up with Reddit and other websites in Google Chrome. You need to disable the option from Chrome Settings.

1. Open Chrome and click the three-dot menu at the top. Select Settings.

2. Select System from the sidebar.

3. Disable the Use hardware acceleration when available toggle.

10. Update Google Chrome

While Google Chrome auto-updates in the background, you can manually force an update using the steps below. It may fix the usual glitches with websites like Reddit.

1. Go to Chrome Settings (check the steps above).

2. Select About Chrome from the sidebar.

Chrome downloads and installs the latest update. Restart the browser to apply changes.

11. Use Another Browser

Do you still face issues with accessing Reddit in Chrome? There is no shortage of capable web browsers on Windows and Mac. Microsoft Edge is one of the best Chrome alternatives that supports all the Chromium extensions. You can move your Chrome data to Edge and start browsing Reddit without any problem.

Browse Your Favorite Subreddits

Reddit glitches in Chrome can spoil your mood in no time. The tricks above should troubleshoot the problem. If none of the tricks work, move to Safari, Edge, or Firefox.

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