15 ideas for starting a business in 2022

Do you want to start your own business but you do not yet know in which sector of activity? This choice is quite difficult, I grant you. Especially since some environments are very competitive.

If it is now rather easy to develop and promote an activity on the internet , you still have to find the right product or service to sell. Fortunately, the year 2022 is opening up to new trends, letting new needs emerge.

Here are 15 activities that could quickly become profitable.

1. Virtual reality

Between 2020 and 2021, sales of virtual and augmented reality headsets have grown by 348%! According to GlobalData , this market will weigh 51 billion dollars by 2030. A real opportunity for budding entrepreneurs.

Companies in this sector seek to offer ever more efficient products to immerse users in the most realistic immersive experience possible.

The uses of augmented reality cover many areas:

  • The cinema with the appearance of 3D films
  • Real estate where agencies offer their clients to visit their future home or apartment in VR
  • E-commerce where it is possible to try products in VR
  • Video games
  • Training: UPS has launched training programs for delivery drivers based on augmented reality
  • Etc.

This technology has a future and innovations are constantly emerging. It’s up to you to bring your ideas and knowledge.

2. Web development

In the digital world, developers have nothing to worry about. Many companies are looking for these digital specialists to ensure their development on the Internet.

Because if some CMS like WordPress tend to make the creation of a website accessible to everyone, it is often necessary to have coding skills to develop specific elements.

Becoming a web developer is a profession that can easily be practiced remotely, from your home. And to find your customers there are specialized platforms.

You can also launch your business in one of the other activities of the technology sector such as:

  • IT security specialist
  • Database Administrator
  • Network administrator
  • Maintenance technician
  • Etc.

3. Teaching

If you are an expert in a field why not share your knowledge? Whether with young people or adults, many people seek to diversify their skills.

Developing your business in this sector is relatively simple and requires little investment.

You can start by creating an e-learning site to offer your training online. By developing subscriptions and regularly expanding your training panel, your business will quickly become profitable.

Site e-learning
Source : Chalk Street

4. Translation

Companies have understood the importance of being visible on the web to attract new customers. Moreover, to increase their sales, some do not hesitate to develop their international presence.

However, this internationalization requires appropriate communication. The content often needs to be translated into English, but also into German, Spanish or Italian.

In short, requests for translation are exploding! If you have a good command of a second language, do not hesitate to offer your services.

Here again, the development of your activity will require little investment. Create a site and promote your activity on social networks, or canvass companies.

At the same time, register on Traduc.com . This platform will put you in touch with clients with translation needs, free of charge.

5. Social networks

Social networks are a privileged communication channel for many companies. These platforms are also the best way to keep in touch with their customers.

The problem ? Developing a loyal and engaged community is not as simple as it seems. It is a job that requires time and the intervention of experts in social network management is increasingly requested.

6. Dropshipping

In the field of online sales, dropshipping is one of the most profitable models, while offering low risk. No investment is necessary to build up a stock, since the latter is stored by your supplier(s).

Indeed, the principle is simple: you play the role of intermediary between buyers and manufacturers or wholesalers. As soon as a customer places an order on your site, you place it with the supplier and they take care of the shipping.

It’s quick and easy, you only have to manage your e-commerce interface (as well as marketing and communication). No cost of production, inventory maintenance, unsold products, packaging and shipping of products.

Creating your dropshipping business is done in a few clicks. There are even all-in-one tools that make it easy for you to create this type of merchant site, such as Shopify or Dropizi.

The key to success is to find reactive suppliers, who offer original products, allowing you to position yourself in a niche market. Ideally, favor French or European partners, who offer fast delivery times and quality items.

7. Subscription boxes

As with dropshipping, subscription boxes are an effective way to sell products without creating them. For this concept to work, your boxes must contain complementary items, linked by a theme.

You can, for example, promote merchants and manufacturers in your area to create local boxes. You can also opt for unifying themes such as yoga, pets or music.

Subscriptions allow you to have a recurring income stream and a stable turnover. You also have the option of diversifying your boxes or offering special editions, to reach new audiences and retain your consumers.

8. Sports accessories at home

With the health crisis, sport at home has become trendy. Even if life is gradually returning to normal, this practice remains rooted in many homes.

The home sports market is a niche you can easily get into. Among the products on offer, you will find: weights, jump ropes, floor mats, dumbbells… You also have the possibility of choosing an even more restricted niche, mixing sport and technology, by selling electrostimulation belts or vibrating platforms, for example.

To ensure the success of your store, you can rely on influencer marketing. There are many fitness influencers who like to share their passion and their discoveries with a receptive community.

9. Print-on-demand

T-shirts, caps, phone cases, hoodies… You can create 100% personalized products with print-on-demand. Let buyers suggest patterns or collaborate with graphic designers to offer original creations, to flock on clothes or accessories.

No need to set up a workshop in your garage, you can entrust the printing to a service provider, such as Spreadshirt for example. However, try to find your “touch”!

To stand out, you have to offer designs that stand out and surf on a popular topic or a restricted community, like this shop that offers to proudly display your love for Creuse:

10. Virtual Event Organizer

The organization of virtual events is growing by 23% per year . Boosted by the health crisis, online events are finally settling in for the long term… We must admit that they have many advantages! More economical and easier to organize, they are also part of the advent of metaverses.

Party.Space , for example, has raised funds to develop its virtual event planner business in the metaverse.

So there will be a niche to occupy, as an organizer of virtual events! Although the latter are easier to implement, they require prior preparation to meet the company’s objectives. You could become responsible for creating virtual conferences, networking and training sessions for companies around the world…

11. Male Beauty

More and more men are using cosmetics: moisturizer, BB cream, foundation… According to the NPD research group, sales of men’s grooming products increased by around 30% in 2021. The value of the market should reach 148 billion euros in 2022, in particular thanks to subscriptions to boxes of shaving kits or toiletries.

If you want to get into selling cosmetics for men, this is a niche to consider. And if you are afraid that the market is too small, you can opt for unisex products.

We can cite the recent brands Nostra, Aesop and Kiehl’s which have opted for gender-neutral formulas and packaging. Their products can be used by both men and women. These brands prefer to focus on the composition and benefits of the products… and it works!

This is Nostra’s online store. We notice that the products have sparkling and fresh colors, without gender marking (no pink or pastel colors for women, and blue or black for men, for example):

12. Editing podcasts

More and more content creators are launching their shows. You can take advantage of this trend to earn income, especially if you are familiar with audio editing tools.

Indeed, editing and editing podcasts takes a lot of time. Companies and influencers who use this means of communication will be delighted to free themselves from the hours of editing, if someone can do it for them!

It is still a niche market, in which you can find your place easily in 2022.

13. Domain Name Investor

Did you know that it is possible to invest in domain names? Some URLs can increase in value, especially if they contain important SEO queries, a company name or the name of a popular personality. And when we talk about value, it can amount to millions of euros! The Tesla domain name cost more than 9 million euros…

Domain names to invest in should be short, memorable and marketable. Start by researching potential and affordable domains on auction sites. Buy multiple names at once to increase sales prospects. You can also bet on terms with local keywords.

Then create a landing page for the domains you want to sell or contact potential customers directly, especially if the URLs relate to their business.

14. Cybersecurity

According to the Euler Hermes barometer, 2 out of 3 companies suffered at least one cyberattack attempt in 2021. If there is one growing need clearly identified by companies, it is that of cybersecurity.

Whether as a computer security engineer or as a consultant, you will be responsible for detecting flaws, identifying vulnerabilities upstream and protecting companies. Threats that have increased with the COVID crisis, as well as the adoption of telework.

With the digitization of every aspect of daily life, a freelancer specializing in cybersecurity will be able to survive for the long term. Finding your first customers will therefore not be difficult!

15. IoT

By 2025, the Internet of Things (IoT) industry is expected to generate almost 10 trillion euros (no, that’s not a typo…). Televisions are now connected, as are household appliances and entire homes!

Even if you can’t produce these objects, you can sell connected products that promise to be revolutionary, such as:

  • Smart clothes : there are jackets that allow you to answer the phone, swimsuits that remind you to put on sunscreen, ballet slippers that help you perfect choreography…
  • Connected everyday objects : a bin that helps with sorting, a connected plug that monitors your energy consumption, a connector to place on your car’s OBD port to save fuel…
  • Sports accessories : a sensor to be installed on a tennis racket to analyze its performance, a smart basketball that evaluates trajectories, connected ski goggles, etc.

Our tip

Whatever you choose as a new activity, study the potential income as well as the costs involved in starting your business.

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