16 Music Visualization App For The Best Music Video Ever – guide 2023

In this guide, we will discover: 16 Music Visualization App For The Best Music Video Ever – guide 2023

If you are bored of listening to the same old music from media players or streaming services, why not add a pinch of excitement in the form of visuals? A music visualization app can help music fans play around with different forms of music visualization. iOS and Android users are lucky because today, many audio visualizer apps are available that take the experience of music a level higher.

Whether you are a music creator aspiring to enter the music industry or just a music enthusiast, the app for music visualizers has a lot to offer. The attractive visualization templates give you an idea of how the visuals synchronize with the music. You can select from these visual templates or create your own to develop captivating visual images using any music visualizer.

16 Music Visualization App For The Best Music Video Ever

A music visualization app is handy for changing your simple music track into one, including moving images. We have many apps here that apply effective music visualizations to your music collection. Some work for Android and iOS, while others are exclusively for either. Dive in and come out refreshed. If you don’t want to get an app, you can also use a free online music visualizer.

1. Trance 5D

Trance 5D Music Visualization App

Make your trance music more captivating with the best music visualization app, Trance 5D. Whether Goa trance, Progressive trance, or any other, you will find the perfect visual effects here. The dimension shift graphic effects promise deep trance effects to relax your mind and body.

The Trance 5D music visualizer app includes 17 radio channels plus 30 trance channels to choose from. Trance music fans can revel in electronic music, which can even be played on TV through AirPlay. The 22 unique music visualization themes can be used in music players that work with Android and iOS. In addition, you can change the light and color settings to match the mood. Even though the app is free, some advanced features are limited to the premium version.

Get Trance 5D for Android / iOS

2. Alien Worlds

Alien Worlds Music Visualization App

You must get the Alien Worlds music visualization app if you want to journey into the unknown alien lands and enjoy the scenic beauty. Users can select one of the 47 radio channels and get immersed in different music visualizations each time they play.

You can choose music genres like trance, rock, and many others, and each one will give your music track a unique twist. The hundreds of visualizer settings are all yours to keep experimenting with.

You can watch the music videos on your TV through AirPlay and see how the 3D visuals take shape. By choosing a low speed for the visuals, you can even go into a meditative state to charge up for life.

Get Alien Worlds for Android / iOS

3. projectM


If you want to try your hands at the most versatile presets and flawless graphics, try projectM, a music visualization app with iOS and Android versions. The major difference between both versions is that the former comes with a built-in media player.

With Chromecast support and multi-touch interactive visuals, projectM is already a star among the audio visualizers available. It can create mesmerizing visuals of your iTunes playlists and even make visuals for inputs from your microphone. For those interested, projectM music visualizer is compatible with MilkDrop presets.

Get projectM for Android / iOS

4. Vythm JR

Vythm JR

Heard of the most customizable music visualization app Vythm JR? It creates jaw-dropping visual images for any type of music you choose. You can pick any of the six available modes, Mandala, Equalizer, Psychedelic, Shapes, MilkDrop, and Fluids.

The final visualizations are created once you add screen effects using the performance bar. The sound visualizer offers additional customization options like the 50 custom backgrounds. The color palette has innumerable colors for you to select from.

The custom music visualizer Vythm can accept sound input from iTunes Library, M4A files, MP3 files, and other audio files. The highlight is a recording feature that lets you have a copy of the audio visualizations on your device.

Get Vythm JR for Android / iOS

Music Visualization Apps For Android

5. Avee Music Player Pro

Avee Music Player Pro

Call it a music visualization app or a music player; the customizations Avee offers are unmatched. Users have praised the smooth transitions between different music tracks. In addition, you can change the settings in several ways to get visuals for your favorite music.

Maximize your creative freedom and use the spectrum visual templates to make the perfect visual treat. There is an option to export the visualization videos in HD quality if you want to save it for watching later. Use them as your YouTube music videos and get instant popularity.

Get Avee Music Player Pro

6. AudioVision


AudioVision is, again, a music player and a powerful music visualization app at the same time. It allows sorting song tracks by artists, playlists, or genres. The audio visualization features and the customizable visual skins offer great advantages to the users.

Depending on what music you are playing, the color settings, sensitivity, and more can be customized. The audio visualizer tool does not take much space on your Android device, so it is the perfect option for everyone. The intuitive user interface is yet another attraction of AudioVision music player.

Get AudioVision

7. Muviz Edge

Muviz Edge

Muviz Edge is a live music visualization app similar to the Muviz Navbar visualizer. It expands the sound waves and fills your entire screen with fantastic visuals. When you listen to a song in any music app, the audio visualization software appears on the screen edge for you to use.

You can go for Muviz Edge if your mobile device has rounded edges. Adding special effects to music, adjusting the speed, picking custom colors – any customization is possible here. The app will automatically choose colors if you want it to. In addition, it adds edge music lighting to your music tracks.

Get Muviz Edge

8. Visual Sounds

Visual Sounds

Visual Sounds is the right pick for you if you are a music freak turned on by high-energy music and visuals. It is a high-speed music visualization app that reacts instantly to sound waves.

Whether you play something on your music player or want the tool to pick sound from the mic, you will get it done quickly. Visual Sounds develops animated images that move according to the genre of music played. In addition, it generates a wide variety of visual modes in real time.

Visual Sounds is a music visualizer application known for its flashy visuals with bright colors. So, it doesn’t suit people who cannot tolerate flashing lights. But for others, it is the go-to visualizer for all their visualizing needs.

Get Visual Sounds

9. Spectrolizer

Spectrolizer Music Visualization App

A hybrid music player, Spectrolizer, is also a 3D music visualization app. It is an interactive tool that responds to music from other media apps and the microphone. Use it in full-screen mode or otherwise; you will get the best audio and video output.

With Spectrolizer, it is possible to create custom combinations of lines, geometric patterns, audio waves, and more. In addition, you can stream the audiovisuals from the app to an external display and set the stage for the perfect party in your favorite place.

Get Spectrolizer

10. Visualisator 5000

Visualisator 5000

With different visual templates and presets, Visualisator 5000 exists as a topper in the visualizers for Android devices. There is a live wallpaper option for people who love changing wallpapers often. But you may use it carefully without causing battery drain.

The visuals available include spirals, bars, waves, and more. These transition from one to another in a smooth flow offering stunning visuals as an accompaniment to the music. You can specify the time for each visualization and skip the ones you don’t like.

One of the key features of Visualisator 5000 is that you can choose the effects according to the music – high-speed visuals for fast music and simple ones for relaxing music. Additionally, you can stream songs from media apps and get sound input from the mic.

Get Visualisator 5000

Music Visualization Apps For iOS



STAELLA is a music video maker and visual music player that enhances your music-listening experience. You can change the color of the visuals or shuffle them to get more customized video effects for music.

STAELLA features a real-time audio reactive system to give the perfect beautiful images to your music library. With the music visualization app, you may select the song and sit back while it creates adjustable visuals for the song.

Users get three visual packages to choose from in the free version of the software. The Pro version has ten screen effects, a video recorder, and ten wallpaper blend modes. In addition, you can save the recorded video files as GIF or MOV files.


12. Tunr


Use Tunr music visualization app to visualize the songs from music and online streaming platforms. These services include iTunes, SoundCloud and Spotify, and internet radio stations. You can enjoy all the audio-reactive visuals without any fee for seven days. The free version also includes two visual packages.

If you get the Pro version, you can access over 3000 podcasts, a device music library, and ambient sound spaces. In addition, there are countless visuals you can choose for your music, including the ones that enable meditative relaxation. Plus, it offers visualizations to live audio.

Get Tunr

13. Trapp


Trapp lets you visualize the music you listen to on the iPhone music player software. In addition, it enables you to customize until you are satisfied with the outcome. For example, you can change background colors, Trapp shape, and particle shape, create custom soundbars, and experiment with the bass effect, to name a few.

The standard edition lets you use limited audio visualization options. But with the premium edition, you will work with endless possibilities. Apart from your music app, you can also visualize the music from Spotify.

Get Trapp

14. Phazr


Phazr is a music player plus a music visualization app that offers a multisensory experience to all beloved users. Unfortunately, the app no longer supports Spotify functionality. Along with the visual effects, you can also experience haptic effects, which are rarely seen with music visualizers.

Phazr responds to music played from local files as well as the sound from the mic. Another key feature unique to the app is the ability to produce vibrations in real-time, matching the song. The nine included visualizers react to audio, device tilt, and multi-touch. The developers warn individuals with epileptic conditions to consult a doctor before using the modern music visualization program.

Get Phazr

15. Beatsy

Beatsy music visualization app

Beatsy is an augmented reality music visualization app, which is very different from the ones listed here. It transforms your environment to create interesting visuals, all matching the tune of your music. It creates animated images using AR technology.

Focus your iPhone on things around you, and the camera will correctly capture the ones where visuals can be created. So, you basically distort the world around you using any of the ten customizable visualizers.

Some devices even let you visualize in 3D, thanks to the immersive visualizers. Once the visuals are made, you can save them and share them with others so they can also enjoy the design patterns you got.

Get Beatsy

16. Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

Equalizer Fx is not just an equalizer but comes with a built-in visualizer that offers around ten visualizations. You can select from among them and make a wonderful combo with the song being played. Change the visuals according to the song’s beat to create a perfect music visualization experience.

It is possible to play music in the background and use the relevant features of the music visualizer software to get your favorite song to dance. You can experiment with different visual styles and colors with the premium version. You can also create custom equalizer presets to add the proper music effects.

Get Equalizer Fx: Bass Booster App

Final Thoughts

If you have a music visualization app installed on your mobile device, it lets your creative juices flow to give amazing visuals for your favorite music. Put in a little effort, and the music videos will come out exceptionally well, thanks to the presets and templates in the software.

Now, you can make music visualizations on your mobile devices as the apps are compatible. The list contains sound visualizer apps that can be used with Android and iOS devices. So, pick your app today and start your visualization journey.



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