19 B2B Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Engagement Rates and ROI

In this guide, we will discover: 19 B2B Video Marketing Ideas to Boost Your Engagement Rates and ROI – Easy Beginners Guide

Videos have become a significant mode of communication between a brand and its customers.

According to a study by HubSpot, more than 90% of marketers have said that they get a good ROI on video content. 

However, marketers who aren’t still into the game of video marketing are missing out on huge opportunities in order to scale their brands. 

But what’s stopping some from taking up video marketing as their foremost marketing strategy?

Wyzowl lists out a handful of reasons for certain businesses not using video as a marketing tool:

  • 30% seem not to have enough time to create videos
  • 18% are unaware of how to start the video-making process
  • 10% are finding it difficult to convince their leads of the importance of video marketing
  • 10% think that video making is too expensive

But there’s something special in the upcoming years about video marketing – 

70% of ‘non-video-marketers’ plan to start online video marketing in 2023.

Video creates trust between the brands and customers, ultimately laying a foundation for conversion and sales.

More than 50% of buyers rely on online videos to decide on what to buy. Consequently, increasing time spent on your site can be a good sign for your SEO: Users spend 1.4x more time on pages with video. Isn’t that a bonus idea?!

Global brands already know the impact that video drives on their businesses, and that’s why more than 50% of video marketers spend above $500 on an average video.

Numbers speak for themselves!

Video creation continues to play a major role in marketing. Though lack of time to create videos was the most cited problem nearing video marketing, it can be easily resolved using DIY video-making softwares or easy-to-use video templates from softwares such as Animaker

The video also drives other noteworthy business results. Marketers are driving impressive ROIs, and some of them as listed below:

  • 96% say that users understand their product/service via videos.
  • 95% say that there’s an increase in brand awareness.
  • 91% say that there’s an increase in traffic.
  • 90% say that video marketing has helped in generating leads.
  • 87% say that there’s an increase in sales.

We are waving at an era with a powerful tool that would effortlessly transform one’s business’ marketing efforts. 

You thought that right – it’s the era of B2B video marketing!

As you have already had a glimpse of the numbers above, heavily researched by top analysts: Video provides more value to your brand and its revenue.

Video Marketing efforts

Businesses will have a constant lookout for new and innovative video marketing ways. Although video engages and interests audiences, B2B videos might seem basic and boring. 

To break this ‘professional’ usage of video marketing, let’s dive into knowing the top 19 video marketing ideas that can skyrocket your marketing strategies and, ultimately, your ROI. 

But before that, let’s check out what is B2B video marketing.

What is B2B video marketing?

B2B video marketing is a technique used by businesses to create and distribute videos that showcase their products, services, and brand messaging to other businesses. 

The videos are designed to appeal to other businesses’ needs and interests, aiming to establish trust, build relationships, and generate leads and sales.

B2B video marketing is the use of video content in B2B marketing strategies to promote products and services to other businesses. B2B video marketing can take many forms, such as explainer videos, product demos, customer testimonials, thought leadership content, and more. 

In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the top 19 B2B video marketing ideas and provide some statistics and facts to help you understand their importance.

19 B2B Video Marketing Ideas with Video Examples

1. Product Demo Videos

Product demo videos showcase a product or service in action, highlighting its features and benefits. This type of video is particularly effective in the B2B industry because it allows potential clients to see how a product works and how it can benefit their business. A great example of a product demo video of introducing Zendesk Sunshine video.

The video highlights the key features of Zendesk Sunshine, including accessibility, collaboration, and security. The video is simple and straightforward, effectively communicating the value of Business to potential clients.

2. Animated Explainer Videos

Animated videos use animation to explain complex concepts in a simple and engaging way. This type of video is particularly effective in the B2B industry because it can help to simplify technical or complex concepts. A great example of an animated video is Asana’s animated explaining video. 

The Asana explainer video effectively captivates its audience by starting with striking visuals that leave a strong impact. However, as the video progresses and introduces the Asana platform, the pace slows down, and viewers see how user-friendly the platform is. 

The video’s continuous movement is mesmerizing, and its motivational music encourages viewers to take action.

3. B2B Brand Story Videos

Brand story videos tell the story of a company’s history, mission, and values. This type of video is particularly effective in the B2B industry because it can help to establish a personal connection with potential clients and build brand loyalty. There are many great examples of B2B brand story videos, but one of the interesting ones from Google is from its AdWords Story Series.

Most B2B marketers are well-acquainted with Google’s AdWords stories that showcase small businesses that use the platform and its potential life-altering impact. 

One of these two-minute videos features the tale of a local restaurant that utilized Google Ads (now known as AdWords) to grow into a $14 million national mail-order business, which is a heartwarming story.

A B2B brand story can bring out the trueness of the brand along with a human touch on defining the purpose of the brand.

4. Promotional Videos

Promotional videos are a powerful way to showcase products and services, communicate brand identity, and engage prospects in B2B video marketing. 

Promotional videos can improve conversions and increase ROI. 

For instance, a product demo video can showcase a new software tool, while an explainer video can educate prospects on how to use it. A customer testimonial video can provide social proof and demonstrate the benefits of the tool in real-world scenarios. A brand video can communicate a company’s values and mission and showcase its unique approach to solving business challenges. 

Promotional videos help businesses to stand out, engage prospects, and improve conversions. Let’s check out one of a popular coffee brand’s engaging and socially reforming promotional videos.

Here’s one of the interesting promotional videos from Starbucks Coffee which talks about saving a cup by borrowing a cup. They are on a journey towards testing the reusable cup system, and this promotional video of them greatly impacted their environmental goals.

5. Screen Recorded Videos

Screen-recorded videos are a valuable B2B video marketing tool, allowing businesses to showcase software, digital products, and online services in action. 

Screen-recorded videos have become increasingly important with the rise of remote work and online collaboration. Screen-recorded videos can be used to provide software demos, walk through digital workflows, or showcase online services. 

Additionally, they can be used to create how-to guides, explain complex processes, or provide training materials for clients or employees. Screen-recorded videos are also cost-effective, as they can be created using readily available softwares such as Vmaker and can be easily shared on websites, social media platforms, or video hosting sites. 

Here’s an example of a how-to video with voice narration and a webcam overlay showing the product expert demonstrating the tutorials. 

Vmaker’s tutorial video makes the content more engaging and as well resourceful. 

6. Webinar Videos

Webinar videos provide an educational presentation or workshop on a specific topic. This type of video is particularly effective in the B2B industry because it can help to establish a business’s thought leadership and expertise in a particular industry. 

A great example of a webinar video is Notion’s ‘Manage Your Contacts and Sales Funnel’ video. The video provides an in-depth discussion on managing contacts and sales opportunities.

Displayed above is an example of a webinar video that focuses on the management and optimization of sales funnels. This content may appeal to business professionals searching for targeted solutions to their problems or who wish to gain insights and incorporate new strategies into their workflows.

7. Testimonial Video

Customer testimonial videos feature satisfied customers talking about their positive experiences with a product or service. This type of video provides social proof and demonstrates the value of a product or service to potential clients. 

Amplitude’s “Customer Success Story: Square” video is a superb example of a customer testimonial video.

The video features Square’s representative talking about how Amplitude helped them to grow their business. The video is personal and engaging, effectively communicating the value of Amplitude’s products to potential clients.

8. Commercial Video

Commercial videos can be used to showcase the features and benefits of a product or service and demonstrate how it can solve specific business challenges. 

Commercial videos can also be used to create buzz around a new product launch or promote a special offer. With their visually compelling content, commercial videos can increase engagement and drive traffic to a business’s website or social media channels. 

Let’s pop into one of the engaging 1-minute videos of Heinz Advertisement videos.

This commercial video of Heinz is amazingly and creatively shot in collaboration with Ed Sheeran. The climax is all that speaks. Videos are a treasure businesses are using with their captivating ideation, and this video stands as an example.

9. Microlearning Videos

Microlearning videos act as a great resource for the business-to-business market. They are short, stand-alone media that are consumed easily and quickly by the audiences or learners. When small chunks of information are served within 2 or 3 minutes, the video looks engaging and grabs the learners’ attention until the end of the video. 

They can be effortlessly shared via email, social media, or on a company’s intranet, making them a highly accessible tool for B2B video marketing. These quick bites can help businesses to provide brief, effective training and education, increase engagement, and improve retention rates.

Here’s one of the easily digestible pieces of information that talks about training and development. 

10. Educational Videos

Educational videos help businesses to establish themselves as thought leaders and provide valuable information to clients or prospects. 

These videos can be used to provide in-depth analysis of industry trends, demonstrate thought leadership, or offer expert advice on specific topics. 

For instance, a B2B marketing agency may create a series of educational videos on the latest marketing techniques, or a cybersecurity firm may create videos on the latest security threats and how to protect against them. With their informative, engaging content, educational videos can establish a business as a trusted authority in their industry and increase brand awareness. 

Here’s an interesting example of an educational video:

In the above educational video, you can see that HubSpot Marketing made a video on “How To Market Your Small Business In 2023!”  which is highly informative, educative, and has a thought-provoking lesson. Educational videos are more important for a brand to sustain itself in its industry. 

11. Brand Advocacy Videos

Brand advocacy videos feature satisfied customers or partners who share their positive experiences with a business and its products or services. This video type can help build trust and credibility and generate social proof. 

12. How-to videos

How-to videos provide step-by-step instructions on how to use a product or service. This type of video is particularly effective in the B2B industry because it can help potential clients to understand the product or service and how it can benefit their business. 

A prominent example of a how-to video is Asana’s “How to Asana: Planning with Asana calendar” video.

The video provides a step-by-step guide on how to plan your calendar using Asana. The video is informative and easy to follow.

13. Case Study Videos

Case study videos showcase a successful project or implementation of a product or service. This type of video is particularly influential in the Business industry because it provides social proof and shows the value of the business to its customers/clients/users. You can develop your work in order that your efforts bring attention, brand awareness, or revenue to the brand and become the talk of the world.

Let’s check out the example for a case study video, researched and published by Think School on “How Aman Gupta’s MARKETING STRATEGY turned Boat into a 1500CR Company”.

The video showcases how team Think School worked together to develop a cutting-edge analysis and explanation. The video is enlightening and fascinating, neatly communicating the efforts, productivity, and value of Aman Gupta’s marketing strategies.

14. Interview Videos

Interview videos showcase industry experts, highlight key personnel within a business, and provide unique insights into a business’s operations. 

Interview videos can be used to provide behind-the-scenes looks at a business, introduce key team members, or provide expert analysis of industry trends or specific topics. 

For example, a B2B software company may interview its CEO to discuss its vision for the future of the industry, or a consulting firm may interview an industry expert to provide insights into the latest trends. 

Interview videos are worthwhile videos for B2B video marketing as they can help businesses to build relationships with potential clients or customers, increase brand awareness, and establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. Here’s an example from Uber.

Though it doesn’t seem like a typical interview-styled video, this is one kind of video where Uber has coined a couple of significant questions and answered them all through its video for their customers. They talk about what it is, how it is, and why it has come to implementation. 

15. BTS Videos

BTS (Behind the Scenes) videos are creative and engaging for B2B video marketing as they can help businesses to showcase their operations, culture, and values. 

BTS videos can be used to provide a glimpse into a business’s daily operations, highlight the people behind the brand, or showcase the production process of a product. 

Here are some examples of how you can shoot a B2B BTS Video: The manufacturing company may create a BTS video to show how their products are made, or a technology firm may create a BTS video to highlight their company culture and work environment. 

BTS videos help businesses to build stronger connections with their clients or customers, increase brand awareness, and showcase their culture and values.

Bumble has created a video showcasing the morning routine of one of its employees – the Director of Strategy.

BTS videos can help to build a stronger connection between a business and its clients or customers by showcasing the people and processes behind the brand. 

Interesting right?

16. Social Media Videos

Social media videos are short, snackable videos that are designed to be shared on social media platforms. Social media is one of the greatest platforms to promote your products or services, and it can help to reach a wider audience and generate buzz around the business. 

Video Marketing social media

17. Instructional Videos

83% of people prefer watching videos to accessing instructional or informational content.

Instructional videos can be used to provide step-by-step guidance on how to use a product or service or to provide educational content on a specific topic related to a business’s industry. 

How well you can use instructional videos for: a B2B software company may create an instructional video to walk potential clients through their product’s features, or a consulting firm may create an instructional video on best practices for business management. 

“Who said learning had to be boring? Watching this instructional video just turned into a fruitful and engaging experience!”

Did you follow those steps to create an account in Open AI’s ChatGPT!?

18. Tutorial Videos

Tutorial videos can provide in-depth guidance and training on a specific topic related to a business’s industry. 

According to a survey by TechSmith, 53% of people say they are more likely to watch a tutorial video than read a how-to article. 

Tutorial videos can be used to provide training on a product or service or to educate viewers on industry-specific skills or knowledge. The length of the tutorial video doesn’t matter as some can lead to more than 30 minutes also. The takeaway from the tutorial video is that you will have to be able to replicate the process of what was taught in the video.

Check out this tutorial video example. This is Animaker 3.0’s tutorial video which helps you create a video from scratch.

Hope you did create your own video from scratch using Animaker.

19. Video Emails

Video emails can be personalized video messages sent to potential clients or existing customers. For example, sales representatives can use video emails to introduce themselves to prospects, explain the benefits of their product or service, and provide a more personalized touch to their sales pitch.

Similarly, marketing teams can use video emails to share product demos, customer success stories or even provide educational content that helps prospects understand how their product or service works. Using video emails, B2B businesses can differentiate themselves from their competitors and build stronger relationships with customers and prospects.

Hope these 19 video marketing ideas have added huge value to your business’ marketing techniques and tips. 

Let’s jump into knowing some B2B video marketing trends for this year. 

B2B Video Marketing Trends 2023

As we move into the mid of the 21st century, the role of video marketing in B2B businesses is set to grow even more significantly. With work from home (slightly) continuing to shape the way we work and do business, video has become a crucial tool for communication, collaboration, and marketing. 

Video Marketing ideas

Here are some of the B2B video marketing trends we can expect to see in the future:

Interactive video content

Interactive video content allows viewers to engage with the content and participate in the experience. We can expect to see B2B businesses incorporating interactive elements like quizzes, surveys, and clickable hotspots into their video marketing campaigns.

Short-form video content

Short-form video content, such as TikTok-style videos, YouTube Shorts, and Instagram Reels, has exploded in popularity recently. Experiment with short-form video content to communicate with your audience in a quick and engaging way.

It doesn’t take a day to create a 30-second video. Try now?

Here’s Animaker – a tool to create animated & live videos, which can help you create impressive and engaging short-form video content. (Sshh… We do have templates too 😀)

Personalized video content

Personalization is a growing trend in all types of marketing, especially in the business-to-business field, and video is no exception. Businesses can increase engagement and build stronger connections with potential clients by creating personalized video content tailored to individual users.

Live video streaming

Live video streaming has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to connect with their audience in real time. We are already in the phase of witnessing more live video streaming for events, webinars, and product launches. And this phase will only keep evolving.

360-degree video content

360-degree video content allows viewers to experience a virtual environment and interact with the content in a unique way. You can use 360-degree video content to showcase products and services, give virtual tours of facilities, and create immersive experiences for potential clients.

Vertical video content

Mobiles are everywhere. It’s very rare to see a human without a phone, isn’t it?

With the rise of mobile devices, vertical video content has become increasingly popular. 

Businesses can create vertical video content to optimize the viewing experience for mobile users and upgrade their video marketing strategies.

AI-powered video content

ai marketing videos

Artificial intelligence (AI) is set to revolutionize how we create and consume video content. B2B businesses use AI-powered tools to create personalized video content, automate video production, and optimize video performance.

AI will be the future. So don’t miss exploring these trends for your next campaign!

Hope these top impressive 19 video marketing ideas have ignited your creativity and inspired you to delve into video marketing. With the right video content strategy in place, B2B businesses can drive growth and achieve their marketing goals. 

Creating business videos neither consumes your time nor makes your pockets empty.

Ready to create your own B2B video for your business? 

Here’s Animaker for your rescue! Create animated & live B2B videos for your business within a few minutes! 

If you have any questions about creating your B2B videos or Animaker Enterprise, please feel free to contact us or comment below. We will be more than happy to help you out!



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