5 key tools to facilitate the work of salespeople in 2023

Overview of the best tools to make the daily life of your sales teams easier.

 1. Tools to facilitate commercial prospecting

To identify new prospects easily, you can use prospecting software. The majority of these tools allow you to find qualified leads through the LinkedIn professional network and then contact them. Some solutions make it possible to automate the sending of personalized cold emails but also the sending of automatic invitations on LinkedIn.

Everything is done to facilitate contact with the prospects who have the most potential in your eyes. LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the official prospecting tool of the B2B social network that allows you to perform advanced research on leads thanks to precise filters. Another interesting point: these tools easily connect to CRMs and other business tools, which allows you to automatically update your contact database.

2. Tools to track customer calls

There are some very interesting solutions to track incoming phone calls and collect information about your prospects. These call tracking platforms make it possible in particular to centralize key data on a contact: telephone number, geographical area where it is located, frequency of calls made by the person, complete history of customers and prospects, marketing campaign that triggered the call , etc.

The main advantages of call tracking: identification of the most profitable communication channels (Google Ads, social networks, emailing, etc.), collection of key data on the people who call you, and optimization of customer service thanks to the recording of calls.

3. Solutions for sending automated emails

To optimize your sales performance, you can set up automated messages for your prospects and customers through marketing automation tools. Thus, you have the opportunity to create dynamic scenarios that send emails to your prospects according to their interests and behaviors on your website. It is also possible to set up nurturing campaigns to promote the interest of your contacts. Good to know: some emailing solutions also have functionalities to automate marketing and sales messages by segmenting contacts.

Some specialized marketing automation tools also offer the possibility of creating optimized landing pages to convert prospects into customers, with integrated forms. After sending the emails, automated reports are available with detailed statistics. You can analyze performance and identify the most qualified leads for sales reps.

The best marketing automation solutions

4. Tools for planning sales meetings

To get more appointments with prospects or clients, it may be relevant to rely on scheduling tools such as Calendly or Vyte. They are able to synchronize with your Outlook or Google calendars to check your availability and avoid double bookings. Integrations are also possible with tools such as Zoom or Microsoft Teams to make appointments by videoconference.

How it works ? You have the possibility of sending a link to your prospect or client which will allow him to access a calendar, he will then be able to choose a slot for an appointment. This link can also be inserted in your email signature for more visibility with your leads. Once one of your contacts has validated an appointment, you receive a notification and the time slot is automatically displayed in your agenda.

5. CRMs to manage the customer relationship as a whole

An essential for salespeople: CRM software. This allows you to manage the customer relationship from A to Z. More specifically, here are the main features: centralization of data from all contacts (prospects, customers, suppliers), management of sales pipelines to prioritize opportunities, monitoring of communications (access to lead and customer history), automation of tasks (reminders to customers, for example), and monitoring of personalized dashboards for a global view of opportunities and sales.

In addition, some CRMs have business management functionalities similar to those found on ERP software : management of quotes and invoices, management of cash flow and accounting, and monitoring of human resources (personnel management, holidays and absences, etc.).

It is important to be well informed about the software on the market in order to choose a CRM adapted to the needs of your company and its sales representatives. Some customer relationship management software offers services that are suitable for VSEs and SMEs while others are platforms for large companies, and often more expensive because they have more advanced features. Below is an exhaustive list of the main CRMs that can offer you the opportunity to optimize your entire business process.

The best CRM software

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