5 Tips To Boost Battery Life On Android – Easy Beginners Guide

In this guide, we will discover: 5 Tips To Boost Battery Life On Android – Easy Beginners Guide

Smartphones are great as you can do literally anything using a phone. Right from solving math problems to keeping financial records to making banking transactions. You can use it to stay connected with your family and friends and the list goes on. However, what you can do on a smartphone is limited to the battery backup it offers before you’d need to recharge it.

We gathered a few ways you can extend the battery life on your phone to get that extra few minutes that will make a difference especially when you are out somewhere, stuck without a power source or traveling, etc.

Adjust Screen Brightness

The display on a smartphone is one of the biggest battery hogs. It might not seem much but depending upon the brightness you select for the display, the battery will give a different output. It’s recommended to keep the brightness low during nighttime and crank it up to medium or somewhat near during daytime. Today’s AMOLED displays are much brighter which means you might not even need to crank the brightness all the way up unless you are using the phone in direct sunlight.

Keep The Device Updated

Time and again, experts have pointed out how keeping the Android OS updated has proven its caliber in improving battery efficiency. Since you get rid of backlogs and shortcomings that the previous OS iteration might have, the new update fixes that and gives your battery a new lease of life. Moreover, updating the OS at regular intervals fortifies its response against intruders. 

However, being an Android user myself, I know that only the flagship ones are updated for a few years while some devices might not even get a single upgrade. In that case, you can try custom ROMs that have an extended update cycle.

Get Rid of Unwanted Apps

Each app that you have installed on your device contributes to battery resource expenditure even if it is not in use. Unless the app is forced to stop or deep sleep, an app will consume a minute amount of battery resources. In fact, there might be instances where an app is behaving abnormally, consuming more power than it should, adding to the frenzy. 

Thus, it is best to remove unwanted apps. You can go to Settings >> Battery >> Apps to check which apps have been consuming the most power and take action accordingly. 

Use Wi-Fi When You Can

5G is on the rage. In fact, it becomes impossible to turn back to 4G once you have used 5G but that’s why I have listed this particular tip here. 5G is fast, however, it tends to consume more power than 4G making it a battery hog. Unless you are at home where you can simply connect your phone to a charger, 5G becomes a major element draining the battery. 

You can use 4G for the majority of the time. Alternatively, it’s better to use Wi-Fi whenever available i.e. at home or the office because it will bring down battery consumption considerably. 

Dumb it Down

A modern smartphone is nothing short of a supercomputer that fits in your palms. Comparatively, flagship phones are equipped with more processing power than the computers introduced a few years ago. However, everything that shimmers on your phone drains your battery. Thus, it is critical to take some steps here to dumb it down.

Battery Saving Tips

Go to Brightness on your phone and turn on ‘Adaptive Brightness’. Next, pull down the notification tray and turn on ‘Power Saving Mode’ that you can keep active for a longer period to conserve battery power. Go to ‘Motion Smoothness’ or ‘Refresh Rate’ settings and use ‘Standard’ instead of ‘High’ refresh rate because the power is much more battery-friendly. 

There’s an option called ‘Enhanced Processing’ within Battery and Device Care that you can turn OFF to get a longer battery life. You might stumble upon a feature called ‘Put unused apps to sleep’ so it’s better to turn it ON. Go to Display >> Screen Timeout and set it to a bare minimum so that the screen times out in time to save the battery.



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