A comprehensive file on the best ways to make a profit from YouTube

Many YouTubers are looking for a sufficient and net answer about the terms of profit from YouTube, but if you are an old YouTuber who works in publishing videos you will know what complexities and difficulties became in 2021 in order to achieve the conditions of monetization in YouTube. This is why you should know that starting on YouTube and achieving 4000 hours of watching and collecting 1000 subscribers in the channel and not committing any violations that we will mention to you, has become one of the things that needs you effort, experience, mastery, keenness and accuracy in the work.

For this day in this topic we will share with you all the terms of profiting from YouTube from A to J with the mention of tips for beginners before starting work. As you know we share with you all the lessons on YouTube from A to J which will help you not to commit many violations as well as how to work properly on YouTube and what conditions and how to create a thumbnail and many of the lessons I have shared with you I will share some of them because it is important in this lesson with YouTube updates in 2021.

That’s why in this lesson we will share with you all the questions posed by the new YouTubers, because I find many comments check the Internet and social media sites have to do with how to profit from YouTube, what are the terms of profit from YouTube, what kind of content will be acceptable, how many subscribers youTube agrees to, and many questions that people around the world will find in this blog. This lesson will in fact be important for beginners who want to start on the YouTube platform and who carry in their hearts the desire and determination to work for self-employment and not to enter the job that has an official amount that does not increase or decrease.

What will we get to know about this topic:

  • We’ll find out what the profit from YouTube is.
  • We will learn details of each of youTube’s profit conditions.
  • The conditions for accepting Adsense on YouTube.
  • Why did YouTube set these conditions for profit?
  • Tips for achieving 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours.

YouTube Profit Terms 2021

How do you know you’re eligible to win from YouTube?

  • If you like to shoot, they always can’t record videos.
  • If you have a little kid or pet who likes to play and always move, always doing strange things, and you’re keen to shoot these rare scenes.
  • If you’re one of those who like to appear on camera, you have a certain talent that you always show in front of your friends and relatives.
  • If you have a special talent for communicating information to others or explaining ideas.
  • If you’re one of those who always have ideas about things, they can photograph them and charm people with them and their beauty.
  • If you have attractive and useful ideas for others, you want to express them through some powerpoint or animation files.

In short, you are eligible to profit from YouTube as long as you can get good and attractive videos, and there is a large audience that wants to watch these videos.

In fact, there are hundreds of thousands of people who make videos, and profit through google, which allows you to own a channel on your largest YouTube video site, and also allows you to link it to their Google Adsense profit-sharing program.

Everyone who has good and attractive content for YouTube users, has something special and can get a large number of views, can make a profit through YouTube.

Profit terms from YouTube 2021 have two ways you should not get out of these conditions, if you get out of these conditions you receive your account for doom and you are completely excluded from working on this platform.

– The first condition, which is divided into two parts:1 – not to commit a copyright violation.

2- Not committing irregularities in the forum’s guidelines. The second condition is related to Google Adsense. In other words you should be careful not to block the Google Adsense account because it is the reason behind receiving the profits YouTube. That is why we will start with you from A to J in order to start your business properly. Today, many people want to start profiting from the Internet to make money in many legitimate ways including profit from the site, profit from applications, profit from services and completion of tasks and many well-known areas in which they actually make a very large amount.

But there is another area that has a different service in which you can make big monthly profits compared to many areas which is one of the easiest ways to make a profit compared to other sites. Yes the field discovered by many people which offers profit from the Internet and which collects a large number of areas which is the YouTube platform. YouTube is a very large platform and has become one of the means to raise money from the Internet, has millions of followers around the world, has YouTube users around the world, offers profits in viewing, has become a source of livelihood for a very large number of people, was the cause of the change of many families thanks to God of course.

That’s why you find everyone looking for profit terms from YouTube 2021 as well as how to easily achieve YouTube terms and many questions they will find in this blog.

What are the profit terms from YouTube?

There are terms of profit from YouTube which must be available in each account in the channel in order to achieve income and continue, and will be as follows:

1 . The owner of the channel must have more than 18 years.

0 l It has to be linked to the Adsense account.

3 . There must be 1, 000 subscribers to the channel.

4 . You need to collect 4000 hours on YouTube.

5 . Your channel has not been issued with any warning to violate property rights.

6 . Make sure you follow all the platform policies.

7 . Prove The Identity of Adsense.

8 . The conditions must be met 12 months ago.

9 . Be a resident of a country where YouTube Partners is available. 

◀️ So let’s separate more about these nine (09) conditions that are number one to start uploading videos on the YouTube platform.

1 . The owner of the channel must have more than 18 years.

Here YouTube requires all YouTube users to have 18 years above, of course there are many reasons including that it does not accept children who have not taken responsibility for life and still depend on parents, and also less than 18 years does not recognize their ID card, and also can not start without a bank account. But can a child under the age of 18 start on YouTube? Yes, this can be done, but with the consent of the parents, they will provide all their personal information and they are the ones who are responsible for the child.

0 l It has to be linked to the Adsense account.

There is no doubt that many people believe that when YouTube shares with them and collects 4000 hours and 1,000 subscribers you will be offered profits from YouTube itself. But this is all wrong because YouTube is a branch of Google but a broker between you and Google Adsense company that offers you profits. Meaning that when you achieve the conditions you will enter the profit section and approve the items and then create a new Adsense account. The conditions for accepting Adsense on YouTube:1. To have 18 years. 2. To have one adsense account. (Meaning that the first Adsense should not be in the same name as Adsense II. But the housing information is not a problem if there is a similarity)

3 . There must be 1, 000 subscribers to the channel.

The number of subscribers in the channel is proof that you are able to collect more than 1000 subscribers and you can have loyal followers of the channel. YouTube has stipulated this requirement in order to make a profit from the channel, and without 1000 real subscribers in the channel will not be able to fully monetize. But as long as you provide the required content in the right way and have video turnout methods, you will receive 1,000 subscriptions per month.

4 . You need to collect 4, 000 hours on YouTube.

The number of YouTube subscribers is not enough without collecting 4000 hours of views 12 months ago. One of the conditions of YouTube is to collect 4000 hours on YouTube, which should be real hours of viewing. Of course this is a condition that made many YouTubers suffer from the YouTube platform because the number of 245 thousand minutes is very difficult and needs double effort. But compared to facebook profit laws such as Mashreq and Morocco, the reason is that one of the conditions for making a profit on Facebook needs you 600,000 minutes, including 60,000 minutes in live broadcasts in just two months. Here you will understand that you have not suffered yet.

5 . Your channel has not been issued with any warning of violation of property rights.

 Here is the stage where you show your confidence in the YouTube and Google Adsense platform. When you upload your videos as we do in the channel, here you are relieved by the warnings about property rights not from the side of video, music and pictures. When you upload videos of others or other people’s music and pictures in which there are property rights you will be given a warning of violation of property rights. Here is the final stage in the YouTube review in order to achieve income. The first is the approval of the terms, the second is linking the channel Badsens, the third is to review the content. If the content does not contain irregularities such as property rights or the use of malware and other violations will not be approved.

Bottom line: Give what you have or leave quietly.

6 . Make sure you follow all the platform policies

YouTube policy I am sure 90% does not read it and agrees to the terms and depends on 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers only. However, you should read the terms in full and monitor the new update in YouTube and Adnes policy at the same time so that you do not have problems with the forum’s guidelines as well as property rights. It is not limited to YouTube, but even the fate of the Adsense account will have an end if you do not improve behavior and read the laws.

7. Prove the identity of your Google Adsense account. Proof of identity with the ID card that was required in the Google Adsense account has become a constraint for many YouTubers even bloggers who profit from Google Adsense, but it is a condition for making a profit in 2021. There are many reasons to put this law on the users of Adsense accounts. One of the reasons for not opening many accounts is to prove the validity of your information in Adsense. The summary is that you must prove the identity from the front and back image to show the identification number or provide the driver’s license and passport.

8 . Conditions must be met 12 months in advance.

In order to meet the conditions on YouTube, you must achieve 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers in less than 12 months. But in fact, we don’t know the consequences if it’s 12 months away because there are people who have already earned income and no one has said about these things yet.

9 . Be a resident of a country where YouTube Partners is available

One of the conditions for making a profit on YouTube is that your country is supported by Google Adsense or you will not start profiting from advertising and looking for other ways. Such as Sudan, Syria and some areas in Palestine and North Korea and the list is many. Of course the conditions change every year so now we are talking about 2021.

Why did YouTube set these conditions for profit?

Many YouTubers, whether beginners or professionals, sometimes wonder why youTube has set these complex conditions, but it must provide at least 2,000 hours and 500 subscribers because it is an easy process for everyone, and if there is any YouTube violation you stop the account directly. But from my point of view I am personal, it is easier in terms of 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers in YouTube, because the hardest is to achieve the conditions and then you will not succeed in proving identity and will not succeed in activating coffee code.

But from the point of view of YouTube theory it needs strong people who do not give up and have the intention of continuous work, because when you are put on the law to collect 245 thousand minutes in less than 12 months, this is one of the conditions that you should hit a thousand accounts and it will make you work hard and law. Before 2018, YouTube laws were as lenient and tolerant as Google Adsense, and whoever opened the channel and published the irregularities and opened a large number of Adsense accounts and were winning from the Internet without penalties.

But YouTube was not satisfied with it and began to gradually escape the troops from the YouTube platform and then put strict laws on the world to see who will work hard and who will give up.

Tips for achieving 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch hours

From the day you start on YouTube, there is no question about how to easily achieve YouTube terms. Of course because only 4000 hours and 1000 subscribers are collected by the tongue either my application needs months or legitimate ways which we will share with you now.

1 . Create a channel about the things you love

One of the most important factors that makes the channel work more is that you work in the things you love. Because if you are talented or proficient in a field you will innovate more and develop yourself even the explanations that are provided will be perfect and clear, and this is observed by many followers. But you should know that not every area is profitable and not all areas are weak, because there are some areas that you love but unfortunately their profits are very small compared to other areas.

0 l Continue posting videos on YouTube

In order to reach 4000 hours of views as well as to more than 1000 subscribers you need continuous deployment which will help videos appear on YouTube, and if these videos are exclusive they will have more turnout and will achieve more hours. This process depends on it in the first place until the income is achieved, after which you will put a program for the channel in the publication of videos.

  3. The quality in sound and image if you want my advice I advise you to start with high quality not in terms of videos which are in 1080HD quality or in terms of sound is clear of noise. You will notice it also when you hear stories or topics in the voice only you feel that you live in another world and focus on words unlike if you are watching a video in a distant voice or there is noise and the picture is weak. So you should notice it is quality and serenity.

4 . Share video on social media

Sharing video on social sites is one of the reasons you should rely on to increase watches on YouTube. Of course if you have a Facebook page interested in the same field and you have a lot of followers you will benefit from Facebook followers more to double the hours before the specified day. The video sharing process is not limited to Facebook but there is Twitter as well as websites and Instagram…. And many.

5 . Trending topics

Trending topics are the most important topics that will help you collect 4,000 hours and 1,000 subscribers perhaps in less than a week if you are improving behavior. Yes, many news channels are always waiting for an opportunity in the emergence of urgent news that people talk about and look for on social sites to get to know the truth because they are curious. Here the news channels are creating a new video with an exciting title and an exciting picture, when people write the words you are looking for shows the video published by the news channels in the first order, and here they will collect the watches in a quick way and maybe on the same day and not far.

6 . Semantic words and erotic titles

The most important thing you should rely on is the semantic words that people are looking for in search engines YouTube and even Google, and you should not only rely on semantic words but you should make them accompany the interesting title which makes people enter without feeling. Of course the picture has a big role but they said about it you should rely on 100% because it is the supplement of the title. I think I mentioned you enough in a topic about the profit terms of YouTube 2021 and how to achieve the terms of YouTube, also we reminded you of all the conditions and laws while providing direct links to YouTube policy.

The summary of the subject and the conclusions of the profit steps from YouTube

1- Identifying the idea of a successful YouTube channel

This is the first and most important step in your success as a YouTube publisher, in which you must choose the idea of a channel that suits your interests, so that you can continue to work on it without boredom, also you should choose the idea of a channel that is cared for by a good number of people, who will be willing to watch your videos.

If you don’t have a clear idea of the YouTube channel and you’re looking for successful YouTube channel ideas, that’s fine.

2- A good program in creating and editing videos

No one will be able to do anything well without the right tools, and video making and editing is one of your most important tools as a YouTube profiteer.

Choose a program that suits your needs, don’t use a program so simple that you make videos that are not good enough, and don’t choose a complex program that takes a long time to learn when you don’t need all its features.

3- Do the necessary settings for your YouTube channel.

Creating a YouTube channel may seem easy, but on a deep level there are a lot of settings you have to set, and you should also have a clear idea and plan for your channel.

4- Start creating and uploading your first video on YouTube

Starting here is very important, you should start as soon as possible, don’t wait long to post your first video.

It is worth mentioning that the chance of success of your second video will be greater than the chance of success of the first, and the chance of success of the third video will be greater than the first and second, because over time you will have a number of subscribers to your channel.

Your subscribers will also have a good impression of the videos, because they’ve seen videos of your content before.

Don’t stop too much at first because you don’t have many video ideas for your channel. Trust me, over time, you’ll learn how to constantly have new video ideas.

Your success in profiting through YouTube depends on two key factors

  • Good content
  • And good marketing.

Neither is dispensable for the benefit of the other, good content alone is not enough in the process of winning profit through YouTube, as you always need to market, so that your video reaches as many views as possible, and then takes a high order to appear when searched by YouTube users.

Marketing alone isn’t enough, your video won’t spread and people will accept to watch it unless it has something attractive and special.

So we’ll start with you first, at the most important points you have to follow in order to create good content that people love, i.e. create a successful YouTube video.
And then we’ll move on to the marketing point later.

Make a video with good content

1- Be different from others
a lot and a lot of people when they enter YouTube they try to imitate others, or implement the ideas of others and often this will not work.

Viewers want something new they’ve never seen before, people are usually attracted to everything that’s new and weird about them. So try to have your style (style) that impresses people, and this will be the perfect situation for you as a beginner.

2- If you are the one who will appear in front of the camera, be confident.
Show your talent with courage and confidence, this is your way to reach people’s hearts, and then get tons of views.

3- You should be well aware of the technical aspect of the videos you will record.
This includes:

  • You must have a good camera.Don’t get too busy with the price, there are a lot of good cameras and the price is suitable for a lot of people.
  • You should take into account the purity of the sound and there should be not much noise in the background of the sound.
  • Lighting is very important in the photography process, and anyone who knows little about the art of photography knows how important lighting is.
  • Use a program that’s good at making and editing videos, and if you don’t have time or experience, you can hire a specialist.

4- Think carefully about the appropriate title and description of your video.
The video title should be attractive and fully reflect the content of the video.

5- Don’t prolong your videos.
A short, short video that expresses the idea in a way that does not prolong or fill, has proven to be the video that gets the most views.

6- You must create a channel that expresses the videos you will publish.
And you should put in it a full, detailed and clear description of the goal of your videos.

7- Always be ready with your camera and take it with you everywhere if possible.
Rare scenes often need vigilance and a constant willingness to take the opportunity to visualize them, of course if your channel’s idea depends on shooting something natural or an automatic scene.

8- Make the experience your first
slogan not to judge yourself for success or failure from the first, second or third video, but do as many videos as possible, watch any of them get more views, and any of them achieve success and focus on their style.

Learn from the experience and next time avoid the mistakes you made last time.

Now we move on to the second aspect that depends on your success on YouTube, which is marketing.

1- Creating your YouTube channel plays an important role in getting visitors.
The channel has full settings in terms of background image and description… Etc., it appears more professionally than the channel missing in the setting.

2- People often want to direct you to them.
Direct your audience or invite them to impress your video and share your channel, and also ask them to share your videos with their friends on social media.

3- It is preferable to make a blog on one of the free blog creation sites.
Write some topics about your experience with photography and embed (a YouTube feature that allows you to place any YouTube video within your site via a code below the video) for your videos within this blog, with the Subscription Button on your YouTube channel in a clear place within this blog.

4- Use social media sites to get more views.
You should create pages for your channel on all social media sites, and then post every new video on these pages.

5- If you have a financial surplus, you can make paid marketing campaigns either for your channel or for your videos.
Paid advertising campaigns can shorten you to a lot of time and effort in the long run.

Use small service sites in marketing.
There are plenty and lots of services on Fiverr where you can market your video, get more subscribers to your channel and many other services.

In the end, I would like to give you the golden advice that will complement the answer to “The question of how to win from YouTube”.

If an idea is on your mind, feel free to start implementing it directly, as experience and repetition will give you the experience you need to eventually succeed.

Think carefully about what you can do in a video for the audience, and when you think about an idea, do it in your first video.

Don’t forget to share the topic with your friends, I’m also happy to receive your opinion and comment in the comments below.

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