Asus Rumored to Discontinue ‘Zenfone’ Smartphone Line-up: What’s Next for Asus Mobile?

Almost a decade since its inception, Asus has reportedly discontinued its Zenfone series of smartphones as part of an internal restructuring.

According to Taiwanese media reports, Asus is downsizing its workforce and rearranging employees between departments. This has resulted in either transferring or laying off individuals previously associated with the Zenfone department, who are now being moved to the ROG lineup. As of now, Asus has not made an official announcement regarding this development.

Asus Ceases Zenfone Series

Launched in 2014, the Asus Zenfone series initially enjoyed success. The Max and Max Pro handsets gained popularity in the mid and budget ranges, while the Zenfone series positioned itself in the premium segment.

Despite initial success, the company’s smartphones gradually lost favor within the community, despite offering competitive specifications. This decline can be attributed in part to Asus’s irregularity in providing software updates and a perceived lack of responsiveness to customer feedback.

Nevertheless, Asus made notable advancements in camera, battery, and processor segments, maintaining relevance over the years. However, due to organizational restructuring, Asus has decided to discontinue the entire Zenfone lineup, as reported by a Taiwanese media outlet.

According to sources familiar with the matter, Asus is reducing its workforce in Taiwan and China, with the shutdown of the Zenfone business being a significant part of this restructuring. An internal letter from Asus reportedly outlined plans to transfer many Zenfone department employees to the ROG lineup while letting go of others.

This means that the recently introduced flagship, Zenfone 10, marks the conclusion of the Zenfone series. The Zenfone 10 had opened for pre-orders in the United States a few days ago. Reports of Asus undergoing organizational restructuring had been previously mentioned by DigiTimes, but details regarding the Zenfone division were not included in earlier reports.

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