Being Instagram Verified: Does It Increase Your Engagement? – Guide 2023

In this guide, we will discover: Being Instagram Verified: Does It Increase Your Engagement? – guide 2023

Having a verified Instagram account is highly beneficial. It proves your authenticity to your followers, increases your account’s popularity, grows your following, and, most importantly, it increases your user engagement rate. Learn how Instagram verification increases your engagement.

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  • #1. Organic Method
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  • How Does Being Instagram Verified Increase Engagement?
  • Takeaway: Instagram Verification Boosts Engagement

There are many benefits to having a verified Instagram account. One of the most important benefits is that it can lead to an increase in your user engagement rate.

This is an essential element in achieving Instagram success. High engagement rates help accounts reach wider audiences on Instagram.

If you meet the eligibility criteria for verification, irrespective of the size of your following, you should apply for verification. A study revealed in February 2020 that verified Instagram accounts with 1,000 to 5,000 followers had the highest engagement rates at 4.84%. This shows that even smaller verified Instagram accounts could achieve high engagement rates.

Users are more inclined to follow and engage with verified accounts as they can be certain that the account is authentic. In this article, we’ll discuss how to get verified on Instagram and how Instagram verification can lead to an increase in your engagement.

What Does “Instagram Verified” Mean?

Being “Instagram verified” means that Instagram has verified your account as authentic and legitimately owned by you. Instagram verification occurs through an application submitted on the platform itself to the Instagram team.

Verified accounts are easily differentiated from impersonated and unofficial fan accounts by the tiny blue badge which appears directly after an account holder’s username on their Instagram profile.

The blue badge will be visible alongside usernames when the verified account engages with other accounts on Instagram and in Instagram searches.

Below is a screenshot of L’Oreal Paris’s official Instagram account. You’ll notice that it’s a verified Instagram account by the blue verification badge appearing next to L’Oreal’s username on its profile.

Verified Instagram account

Get The Verified Check On Instagram: Methods

Most verified Instagram accounts are owned by big brands and businesses, celebrities, entrepreneurs, influencers, and public figures. However, anyone can apply to get their account verified on Instagram.

It’s a free Instagram verification service where the actual application and blue badge don’t cost anything.

It’s worthwhile to learn how to get verified on Instagram for free or through an Instagram verification service free. Let’s have a look at the methods on how to get the verified check on Instagram.

#1. Organic Method

When using the organic method to get verified on Instagram, you need to meet the verification eligibility criteria and know the step-by-step process to apply for verification. Consider these quick tips to boost your chance of getting successfully verified.

Verification Eligibility Criteria

Instagram verification is exclusive to account holders who meet Instagram’s verification eligibility criteria. Instagram has set out its verification eligibility criteria on the platform. Let’s delve straight into Instagram’s verification eligibility criteria:

  • Strict adherence to the rules: It’s critical to comply with Instagram’s Community Guidelines and Terms of Service. Any violations will prevent you from being verified.
  • Authenticity: Your account needs to represent a real person, registered business, or entity.
  • Uniqueness: You need to have a unique presence as a person or business, and only one account of yours may be verified. General interest accounts will not be verified.
  • Completeness: Your account must be in public mode. You need to be seen as active on Instagram when applying, and your account needs a complete bio and profile photo.
  • Notability: Your account must represent a well-known, notable, highly searched-for person, brand, or entity. Instagram reviews multiple news sources to see if you feature organically in the media.

It’s often a “hit and miss” process in getting successfully verified. The “notability” criterion is open-ended without a set standard to meet. Instagram keeps that standard top secret! Also, if your other social media accounts are verified, this does not mean automatic verification on Instagram.

This can only help motivate your application. There is no guarantee that you will be successfully verified, but doing your best to meet the eligibility criteria will stand you in good stead.

Step-By-Step Process To Apply For Verification

You will submit a verification application on the actual Instagram application platform itself for consideration by the Instagram team. Always be accurate and truthful with regard to the information you provide in your application.

If you mislead Instagram, your application will be rejected, or you could lose your blue badge down the road.

Here’s the step-by-step process to follow:

  1. Ensure you’re satisfied with your username. Verified usernames can’t be changed.
  2. When you’re ready, login to the exact Instagram account you want to verify. Then go to the menu icon in the top right corner of your profile.
  3. Next, select “Settings” – “Account” – “Request Verification.”
  4. You will then be directed to complete the verification application form with your legitimate details like full name and industry. With the application, you will submit a photo of your official identification document, like a passport or official business document. There’s also space to add links to the form to motivate your notability.
  5. All that’s left is to then click the “Send” button.

The Instagram team sends their response to your application in your notifications tab. Their response is usually received within a few days after applying. If your application is rejected, you are free to reapply after 30 days after your rejection.

Quick Tips To Boost Your Chance Of Getting Successfully Verified

The Instagram team is highly selective in which accounts they verify. You may need to put in some extra effort to get verified. Prior to applying for verification, or if you’ve failed to get verified, follow these quick tips to boost your chance of getting verified:

  • Increase the number of your real high-quality Instagram followers to appear popular for the notability criterion.
  • Regularly and consistently post high-quality content on your account to drive more organic traffic to your account, increase your engagement, and grow your following to prove your notability.
  • Do not have cross-platform links on your profile, as Instagram will not verify an account that does.
  • Ensure that your account is a highly searched-for account on Instagram, as it’s said that the Instagram team does consider this factor for verification even though it’s not listed in their criteria.
  • Build a strong positive presence in the media as the Instagram team reviews the press to ascertain your notability.
  • You should regularly engage with your followers and users, as this helps prove your authenticity.
  • Keep a record of all accounts impersonating your account to submit this info in your application, as one aim of verification is to protect and legitimize authentic, official Instagram accounts.

#2. Buy Instagram Verification

If you are hesitant to go through the verification process yourself, or if you keep getting rejections on your verification applications, consider using an Instagram verification service to buy Instagram verification free.

This can also save you time and effort if you’re super busy, as professionals will do all the legwork for you.

We say that you “buy verified Instagram accounts,” but technically, you are buying professional verification services to optimize your Instagram account and press portfolio to increase your chance of successful verification.

Using a verification service still cannot guarantee successful verification. These professional verification services are usually well-connected and can ensure that your verification application is submitted and actually reviewed by the Instagram team.

You should only buy Instagram verification badges from reputable and trusted verification service providers.

Avoid businesses and random individuals who claim you can actually buy Instagram-verified badges from them for cash. They are probably scammers.

If you’re looking to buy verified Instagram, we recommend you have a look at the following link: Skweezer is a trusted verification service provider with verification services that extend to the creation of a strong press portfolio for you through its quality connections.

Buy Instagram verification

How Does Being Instagram Verified Increase Engagement?

Verified Instagram accounts are accepted as authentic, credible, reputable, and trustworthy by users on Instagram. Users will follow verified Instagram accounts because they know that the accounts are indeed operated by a real person, brand, or business.

There is the expectation of value to be received in following a verified official Instagram account. Followers are more inclined to engage with active, legitimate, verified accounts.

This also extends to followers sharing more of your content on their own accounts due to your legitimacy and popularity. This type of engagement is great for helping you reach a wider audience.

As a brand or business with a verified Instagram account, the positive brand perception achieved through verification plays a big role in how users perceive the value of the content they view.

People associate verification with exclusivity and big brands and celebrities, so this rapport and positive brand perception increases the likelihood of engagement with verified accounts.

Verified accounts are easier to find in searches on Instagram, helping you to reach a wider engaged audience. The Instagram algorithm does not prioritize verified accounts, so you still need to have a strategy to increase engagement with your account.

However, being a verified account does make it easier to increase your engagement rate.

Instagram verification badge

Takeaway: Instagram Verification Boosts Engagement

You should apply to have your account verified if you meet Instagram’s eligibility criteria. Verification will lead to an increase in your engagement rate.

This is extremely beneficial as a verified brand or business account, as higher engagement rates lead to a wider reach, a bigger following, and profitability on Instagram.

Use the organic method or a professional verification service to ensure you get verified. Verification will prove your authenticity, and more users will want to follow you and engage with your account. We think that a blue badge will look good on your account, so go get one!



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