Can China Unmake the American Making of Global Capitalism?

If the United States made global capitalism in the twentieth century (Panitch & Gindin 2012), can China unmake this American making in the twenty-first? If global capitalism was made by integrating the West under the aegis of American hegemony, then can China construct an alternative world order by integrating the East? This essay argues that there are severe contradictions constraining China’s capacity to successfully challenge a global capitalism that continues to be centred upon the United States, including in East Asia. The most important contradictions lie in the nature of China’s nationalist discourse and its economic integration with Western—particularly American—capital. Any sober assessment of China’s new mission of challenging the United States in the twenty-first century needs to be assessed in light of these contradictions, with their unknowable domestic consequences.

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SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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