CES 2023 Day 1 Highlight

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Most of the technology unveiled on Day 1 was similar to the ones displayed on Day 0 – Media Day. There were a few products that did bring a smile to our faces. So without further ado let us explore the latest tech products of 2023.

List Of Products Unveiled On Day 1 of CES 2023

1. Cars

ProductCompany NameDescription
Neue KlasseBMWWith BMW i Vision Dee, driving will be a different experience altogether.
ID.7 EV sedanVolkswagenThe electric sedan from the German automaker was unveiled, and it features lighting effects on various components of the car. It will attain a 700 km all-electric range.
AfeelaSony & HondaThis electric car will have 45 sensors and cameras inside and out. To power the technology in the car, Qualcomm will supply its best Snapdragon CPUs, while Epic Games will supply its Unreal Engine for graphical user interfaces.

2. Health Products

Health Products
ProductCompany NameDescription
U-Scan Urine MonitorWithingsIt is a device that looks like a deodorizer block and hangs from a plastic tab on the side of your toilet bowl. The sample is then injected into a microfluidic device, which reveals abnormalities on your mobile app.
Profile Smart MixerGE AppliancesIt has all the functionality of a standard stand mixer but includes an integrated digital scale and voice controls to speed up your baking.
Freshness ScannersOneThirdThe first item that predicts the remaining shelf life of fresh fruit honestly and objectively.

3. Accessories

Wireless EarbudsWisearWireless earphones with neural sensing let you control music by clenching your jaw. A real pair of earbuds that demonstrate controls based on facial muscle movement.
JBL  EarBudsJBLA 1.45-inch touchscreen and a battery case with wireless charging are features of JBL’s Tour PRO 2 true wireless earphones. Additionally, the display will show the case’s and each bud’s remaining battery life.
Polly VoyagerHPThese earbuds come with a touch screen on the carrying case. Along with a broadcast mode that enables you to connect the case to an older device with a headphone jack using the supplied 3.5 mm to USB-C cable.

4. Laptops

LG Gram laptopsLGThis 2.7-pound laptop has a tiny and lightweight 16-inch OLED display. When not in use, its eye-catching vanishing touchpad blends into the background.
Dragonfly Pro ChromebookHPThe first Chromebook featuring an RGB keyboard, 16GB of RAM, and a 2560 x 1600 resolution. It also boasts an 8MP camera, and four speakers, and weighs slightly more than three pounds.
ProArt StudioBook 16ASUSIt is a 16-inch, 3.2K OLED display with Spatial Vision that can switch to 3D at the touch of a button.

5. Accessories

Accessories 2
HAPTAL’orealIt is a portable, motorized lipstick applicator for people who have trouble moving their hands and arms.
Brow MagicL’orealGet a customized eyebrow look based on your facial features and natural brow.
FufulyYukai EngineeringIt is a lifelike, anxiety-reducing cushion that stimulates your abdomen to cause deeper, slower breathing.
LightonyYukai EngineeringAccording to the manufacturer, a lovely human-shaped night light robot whose lifelike head tilt and eye roll actions will help you sleep more quickly.

What Did You Like From CES 2023 Day 1 Highlight?

We hope you liked these products from day 1 of CES 2023. We are waiting for the next three days to see more products to be unveiled. As it seems the year 2023 will take a huge leap in the field of technology.

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