10 marketing lessons to learn from Apple in 2023

World famous and recognized, Apple defies belief when it comes to marketing.
The Apple brand is distinguished by an extraordinary strategy that guarantees equally incredible results: in the 3rd quarter, the company earned 45.4 billion dollars in turnover. An increase of 7% compared to last year.
But how does she do it? What lessons can an entrepreneur learn from Apple-version marketing?
The answer in this infographic (at the bottom of the page) by The Website Group .

1. Focus on simplicity

Like Apple, favor simple logos and slogans. A bitten apple and a mythical phrase, “Think Different” were enough to inscribe the brand in the memory of consumers.
The latter recognize Apple for the sobriety of the design of the products, but above all, thanks to its visual identity.

2. Turn customers into ambassadors

Ambassadors are a major asset for companies and brands.
These “ordinary” consumers (to be distinguished from influencers) promote a product free of charge to those around them – which can be measured by calculating the Net Promoter Score (NPS) .
To create intense word-of-mouth, a brand must rely on its ability to federate a community: there is a real sense of belonging to Apple.

3. Placing your products

In addition to arousing strong support from its community, Apple regularly places its products in films, TV series or music videos…
The brand floods the biggest stars with its phones, tablets or laptops.
This constant product placement makes it even easier to engrave itself in the minds of consumers.

4. Do not engage in a price war

Entering into a price war or even aligning with the competition is the daily life of many companies. Apple does not bow to this trend and it does not affect its performance in any way.
The prices are generally higher than the competition, but the brand justifies them by the quality of its products.
Know how to sell the added value of your services and you can invoice at the rate you want!

5. Be regular

To be successful, quality must be there at every product launch . You have to keep the distinctive signs of your brand while listening to consumers and being able to innovate.
Each ad must reveal a surprise and an asset that competitors do not have.

Apple marketing conference
Credit: Blake Patterson

6. Propose an experience

Selling products is good, but offering an experience is better ! And that’s exactly what Apple does.
Indeed, the brand does not only market high-tech products, it relies on a whole specific environment: applications, accessories, functions…
A consumer does not simply buy an object, he enters a new universe of possibilities.

7. Use consumer language

When addressing your target, it is imperative to meet their needs, but above all to use their language to communicate.
We do not address young people, professionals or the fairer sex in the same way – hence the interest in creating buyer personas .
Apple has been able to adapt its communication to a trendy, connected and fond of novelty target.

8. Create a surprise effect

Apple knows how to make us wait! Before a new product is put on the market, a teaser is organized to arouse impatience.
Then a press conference with great fanfare is organized to unveil the novelties. Then follow various advertising campaigns to make the product known to as many people as possible.

9. Appeal to emotions

Emotion is an essential ingredient of a successful marketing campaign. And Apple knows how to create it!
From impatience to wonder, passing through joy or nostalgia, his strategy is a real emotional lift.
It’s not just the announcement of a product that provokes these feelings: just watch an Apple ad to feel something! Each of them generates emotions through images, music or storytelling .

10. Focus on visuals

10 marketing lessons from Apple

All marketing materials should be highlighted with quality visuals .
Seeing, trying or unboxing an Apple product is a unique experience, as is visiting its website, going to the store, consulting its social networks, receiving brochures…
The brand is highlighted at every moment of the purchase journey. of the consumer.

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