6 reasons to choose Jamespot to collaborate with your team

Today there are many software, online tools and applications that aim to facilitate the collaboration and communication of your teams. Messaging, project management , social networks… The effectiveness of these solutions no longer needs to be proven, but the proliferation of “single-use” tools can quickly become counterproductive for your employees.
Fortunately, there is software that allows you to group all the needs of companies, whatever their fields or their specificities, on a single and same solution like our partner Jamespot .
Since 2005 Jamespot supports companies in their communication, collaboration and innovation projects thanks to a 100% customizable SaaS software. We have compiled for you the 7 main reasons that led the 200,000 users to use Jamespot.

1. Scalable SaaS software

Scalable SaaS

Jamespot is a Saas software that evolves with the needs of its 250 customers. New features requested by customers are added to the roadmap to be developed and then offered to all users. The highly available teams are constantly listening to customer feedback or needs in order to always offer more functionalities.
The other important advantage of SaaS is the regular updating of the software. Customers benefit from updates as soon as they are released; all Jamespot users constantly benefit from the latest version of the software.

2. Endless Possibilities


Jamespot benefits from an incredible functional richness thanks to its own Store with more than 85 applications available. The applications offered, whether native (designed and created by Jamespot) or developed by partners, cover 100% of a company’s collaborative uses.
The Store now offers the most common needs such as instant messaging, project management tools , participatory innovation… but also more specific applications such as integration of calls for tenders or the distribution of press releases. press .
The Store also evolves according to the needs of customers and partners who can create their own applications. Thus, Jamespot can adapt to the most specific areas of activity. Thanks to its Store, Jamespot has no limits.

3. A harmonious interface

Smooth interface

The image of your company is important, Jamespot has understood this well. In addition to being very successful graphically, the software is fully customizable to respect your charter. You have control over the logo, the colors, the positioning of the different elements and even the wording. Once customized, users can quickly appropriate the software. The various social actions (“likes” or comments) reinforce the attractiveness of the platform for its users.
If the many customization options available are not enough, Jamespot can, on request, go even further in customization. Your desires no longer have any limits.

4. An app that accompanies you outside the office

Public transport, remote, travel… Today, unlike our desktop, our mobile follows us everywhere, Jamespot too. Accessible on your smartphone thanks to the Jamespot application available on Apple Store and Google Play, you can keep in touch with your employees in all situations.
The application allows users to be alerted on the progress of current projects or new activities on groups thanks to push notifications; a good way not to slow down your whole team.

5. Compatibility with the main tools on the market

Jamespot is today the most open Digital Workplace on the market. The platform is able to integrate with more than 200 popular software and business applications (Cegid, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, TalentSoft, etc.). You can easily integrate your existing tools such as Office 365 (Office Suite, Outlook, OneDrive, etc.) or Google Suite.
Employees can then access, in one click, all the software necessary for their collaboration. This unprecedented compatibility represents a real daily time saver for your entire team.

7. Ultra-fast start-up

If the solution provided by Jamespot interests you, do not hesitate for a second, its implementation is easy and very fast. Simply choose your logo, color, then configure your applications in minutes and the software is ready for your team to use. Before you get started, test the software for free today.
For more specific customization requests or more specific needs, Jamespot can assign a dedicated project team on request, which will allow the deployment of a tailor-made solution in less than a month. To find out more, ask for a demonstration, the team will present the software to you and you will be able to study together the specific provisions of your business.

Jamespot is undoubtedly an essential software for collaborative work. A good way to save time for your employees, while enhancing the image and values ​​of your company around real team cohesion. Building on its success and profitable since its creation, Jamespot does not rely on fundraising to ensure the future of its software, a guarantee of safety and sustainability for companies wishing to try Jamespot .

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SAKHRI Mohamed

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