6 tips to promote your new website

If you’re about to go live with your first website for your brand, or if a redesign is coming soon, then it’s time to prepare to promote your new site.
Your announcement should be made once the latter is online, ideally after a week, because let’s be honest: the first few days, some bugs appear and deserve to be corrected so as not to degrade the user experience.
To effectively promote your new website, here are some tips to try.

1. Plan social media posts

Nothing better than social networks to distribute your ad to a large audience.
Because publications are often short-lived, especially on Twitter, don’t be afraid to announce two or three times when your new site is online. For more impact, add an image of your site to your post.
If you want to highlight one or more features, you can create a GIF or a short video of someone scrolling and using your site. It’s a great way to stand out and encourage users to discover the potential of your new interface.

2. Create a blog post especially for the occasion

If you think a blog post is way too much content just to advertise your new site going live, you’ll be surprised at how much you can say.
A blog post is a golden opportunity to explain the reasons that led you to create or redesign your website .
You can even dedicate a section to must-see features, those that set you apart from your competitors and that will significantly help users.
When a new site is launched, many Internet users are curious to know what has changed and why.

3. Email customers and prospects

Emailing is one of the best tools for promotion and as part of announcing your new interface, your message does not need to be long.
Simply explain that your web storefront has changed and encourage users to visit your site with a call-to-action.
Again, insert an image or other media to offer a preview.

4. Update your email signature

How many emails do you send per day? Who do you communicate with? The people you are talking to may be existing customers or prospects. Either way, your email signature is seen many times over the course of a day.
By adding the announcement of your new site, you will sensitize each of your recipients in a subtle but effective way.
To configure your email signature you can use a specific tool .

5. Send a press release

No, press releases are not exclusively for big brands and world-famous companies. You too, on a smaller scale, can announce the launch of your new website in the press.

Aim first at local media as well as specialized media in your sector of activity by giving an interesting angle to your document.

6. Organize a contest

This technique for promoting a new website may not be common, but it will allow you to bring in traffic.
For example, you can hide a word on your site and offer a voucher to anyone who finds it and sends you a screenshot.
Here, the idea is to encourage Internet users to explore your site while sending positive signals to Google: users visit several pages and have a long session.
If the promotion of your new site must be done after the launch of the latter, do not just communicate for a week.
Indeed, your site may no longer seem so new to you because you have spent time creating it, inserting the content, etc. But remember that internet users have never seen it. For them your website is completely new.
Keeping this in mind, don’t be afraid to announce your new interface for a period of one month by varying the forms and media of communication.

SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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