7 signs that your web marketing strategy is not working

You have been investing for a few months in your digital marketing strategy but you do not see any improvement?
But how do you know if your web strategy needs to be completely or partially modified? If you don’t know what metrics to track to identify gaps, you won’t be able to optimally adjust your marketing campaigns. Indeed, it is not enough to put a strategy in place to guarantee the success of your business, it must also work.
Here are 7 signs that your web strategy isn’t working.

1. Your ROI is low

How much do you invest to acquire a new customer? To calculate your return on investment , you will need to determine your cost per acquisition (CPA), one of the key metrics for a business. It will allow you to evaluate the performance of your campaigns and determine which channels are working best and which are not worth investing in.
The fundamental objective of a successful web marketing strategy is to acquire as many customers as possible while minimizing costs. If you find that you are not maximizing your ROI, it is probably necessary to review your strategy.

2. Your communication on social networks is not working

Your communication on social networks is not working

It is not enough to publish on social networks to retain and arouse the interest of your audience. You need to make posts that resonate with your audience to get likes, comments, social media shares, and clicks. These will allow you to get an idea of ​​​​the engagement rate of your subscribers .
If you find that your publications have no impact, do not hesitate to revise your content to bring real value and generate interest on Facebook, Instagram and all the social networks that best adapt to the message of your company.
Your communication must be able to convey the story of your brand through coherent web content.

3. You get traffic but no conversions

You happily see a lot of traffic on your website only to realize that it isn’t bringing in qualified leads. Generating traffic does not mean that you will have a lot of customers.
In order for visitors to your website to engage with your offers and buy your products, your marketing strategy must be targeted. Many companies today invest in search engine optimization (SEO) in order to generate organic traffic on their websites.
You can also target your audience through your Google Ads campaigns , among others. Make sure you offer targeted content, don’t waste time or money talking to the wrong audience.

4. Returns on your paid ads are bad

If you mismanage your advertising campaigns, the results can be catastrophic. Well-targeted campaigns allow you to generate a lot of leads quickly, but if you don’t adopt a good strategy, they can become very expensive. You will get poor results if your paid ads are poorly targeted and the cost per click is too high.
To convert qualified leads, test your ads, content and keywords to optimize your ROI and minimize the cost per click (CPC).

5. Your advertising campaigns are not planned

7 signs that your web marketing strategy is not working

To implement an effective web marketing strategy, it is essential to plan and test your ads to optimize your campaigns. Some companies launch last-minute campaigns without thinking about a strategy.
When developing your marketing campaigns, you must perform A/B tests, segment your audience or even analyze existing data. Targeting and optimized content are also to be taken into account.
Establish a clear and strategic plan from the start.

6. Your website is poorly referenced

SEO is essential to make your place on the search engines. If users can’t find your website on Google, you’re missing out on many opportunities to attract leads.
If the competition is investing in SEO to get into the top search results and you don’t respond, your site will quickly end up in the wrong place.
Implement an effective SEO strategy to attract a qualified audience.

7. Your webmarketing strategy is not multichannel

Do not rely on a single marketing channel to develop your presence on the web. Even if it is currently working, the web and its users are very changeable and you risk losing prospects quickly.
You must adopt a coherent, multi-channel marketing strategy to optimize your chances of reaching as many prospects as possible. The more your presence on the web is developed, the more opportunities you will have to attract qualified leads.

Now that you know why your web marketing strategy is not working, take the necessary step back to set up effective marketing campaigns. Also remember to regularly monitor your traffic, your prospects and your investments.

SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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