7 tips for successful event communication

Today the organization of an event has a major ally: social networks. If it has become easy to create dematerialized events such as webinars , online training , challenges, etc. physical events and meetings are also propelled by social media.
Publicizing your event and communicating about it becomes easier thanks to the interactivity of social networks and the visibility they allow. How to make the most of social media to successfully communicate your event? Here are our 7 tips!

1. Define your objectives and the actions to be implemented

As with any strategy, it is essential first to think deeply about how you want to organize your event.
You must therefore clarify:

  • the form of the event,
  • the number of participants,
  • the target audience,
  • the goal,
  • find sponsors ,
  • etc.

This will allow you to target your communication on social networks even better.

2. Prepare the contents of the event

Mobile One

This phase will include various key actions aimed at collecting the contact details of the participants but also at providing them with clear information and teasing around your event.
You will therefore need to create:

  • The landing page of the event , ie the web page on which all your communications on social networks will return. It is through it that participants will be able to register and obtain basic information.
  • The sequence of emails sent to your prospects to inform them of the event. Feel free to segment your audience and only send your email communications to the party most likely to be interested.

3.  Define a hashtag

Once these preliminary preparations have been made, you will be able to go in search of relevant and qualified participants. A good way to measure the impact of your communication on social networks from the start of your promotion is to define a specific hashtag .
You will be able to follow in real time all the conversations relating to your event and measure its reach.
Of course, consistency is key. Use the same hashtag on all your networks.

4. Create a Facebook event

Equita facebook event

You will need to do this in advance to launch the communication of your event on social networks. First, create a Facebook event. This will allow you to make your event more visible, but also to make it gain credibility as registrations increase.
In addition, a Facebook event allows:

  • Communicate directly with attendees via social media and update all information
  • To allow subscribers to publish in turn, which can be interesting for a successful teaser
  • To share the publication with a wide audience since each user can share on his own profile
  • To be powered by a Facebook Ads advertising campaign

Do not hesitate to teaser regularly to make your community understand that you take it into consideration and that you will pamper it.
For this, you can for example offer “backstage” content, to show the evolution of the organization. You can also organize riddles , contests , etc.

5. Communicate on all relevant networks

To succeed in your event communication , you will of course have to go beyond Facebook and regularly share information on all the social networks relevant to your audience. Twitter and Linkedin are particularly indicated and Instagram can also be a good relay if your target lends itself to it.

Again, remember to use your specific hashtag.

6. Share lives at the event

If you have work ahead of time to bring many participants to your event, you will also have time to maintain the link and continue to create the event even from a distance.
Feel free to share photos but also live videos , stories etc. to bring the event to life remotely for those who are not there and to reinforce the feeling of exception for the participants.
This will also allow you to have content in your possession that you can use later to communicate about your event a posteriori.

7. Keep in touch

Finally, once your event is over, be vigilant and nurture the bond created with the participants. Send regular emails, thank yous and other content that will keep you in touch

SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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