Algeria’s demographic and migration profile

By Hanaa Ahmed twfeeq


This paper aimed to present and analyze Algeria’ demographic and migration situation during the period 1990-2020, and the demographic analysis showed lower rate of population growth; due to a decrease in: crude birth rate, crude death rates, fertility, infant and under five mortality, and all that consistent with the characteristics of the third stage of demographic transition.

The analysis of population age structure showed that, although the category of working age population increases, and population aged 65 and over also increase; Algeria has an advantageous old age dependency ratio, because they representing only 6% of the total population, but as their percentage increase; it is likely that Algeria will be confronted with the aging problem in the next decades.

The combination of decrease in the age dependency ratio together with an increase in the working-age population, opened the window of opportunity for Algeria, but it is expected to close in 2021 with demographic feature change.

The analysis of migration profile showed the main five origin countries of international migrants in Algeria are: Western Sahara (approximately $5%), and the remaining four include Palestinian, Somali, Iraqi and Saudi Arabian. France is the main destination country for Algerian emigrants (Approximately 78% of total number of Algerian emigrants), they emigrate searching for better live for themselves and their families.

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