Amendment of constitutions of Iraq and India: an analysis


Noting is permanent but the change is permanent, it is pertinent to everything of the world. Constitutions of the nations are not special cases to it. A Constitution confined once ought not stay as it until the end of time. It must be amendment as per needs and conditions of the nation. Constitution is the law of land, so it must be adoptable to each age of the nation, it is conceivable through revise capacity of the Constitution with proper techniques. Iraq and India, both are autonomous, rule-based, delegate, republic and Parliamentary nations. Previous it is ruled by their Constitution from most recent 14 years of the beginning of the Constitution. While, later additionally oversee by their Constitution from 1950 till date. Amendatory Clause of the Indian Constitution made it living and dynamic one with in excess of 444 Articles, 12 Schedules and 22 Part, experiencing 102 amendments, though, no single amendment held to the Iraqi Constitution inside 14 years of the beginning of the Constitution. Henceforth, here endeavor is made to center correcting arrangements of the two nations with their wordings, attributes, systems and obstacles in their ways with couple of proposals.

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SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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