An analytical reconsideration of Donald Trump’s tweets


This paper analyzes the tweets of the US president Donald Trump through a linguistic approach. It sheds light on the content, structure and style of his tweets as well as the discourse aspects of these tweets, such as the rhetorical devices, hedging, and the like. At the beginning, a brief definition is introduced concerning Twitter, social media and politics, previous studies. Then, a broader discussion is given to the main content of this paper as represented by Trump’s tweets. Finally, a few conclusions and results are laid down. The paper has found that Trump’s tweets are significant in that they not only reflected on the political discourse of the US president, but they also shed light on the linguistic importance of the political tweets. In addition, this paper is a simple step towards understanding the political aspect of twitter, an area that needs a further investigation in the future.

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SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

I hold a bachelor's degree in political science and international relations as well as a Master's degree in international security studies, alongside a passion for web development. During my studies, I gained a strong understanding of key political concepts, theories in international relations, security and strategic studies, as well as the tools and research methods used in these fields.

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