Geopolitics Studies

Critical reading: China-Iran agreement 2021

China and Iran have quietly forged a comprehensive economic and security partnership that would pave the way for billions of dollars of Chinese investment in…

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The geophysical dimension of the race around the covid vaccine

As soon as the outbreak of the Corona virus “Covid 19” expanded until it became more threatening to humanity, and the World Health Organization classified…

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FDI to Japan and Trade Flows: A Comparison of BRICs, Asian Tigers and Developed Countries

Although still dominated by firms from developed countries, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows from developing nations have increased significantly.

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Geopolitical priorities – Turkey and the Balkans

Turkey had already playeda decisive role in the region after its establishment. Its active international role fed not only historical traditions

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Europe at war: Globalization vs Geopolitics

The paper examines the EU's challenges in the field of migration, and suggests how Brussels and EU governments might promote its own form of order

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Geopolitics vs Globalization in the Balkans: The New Rivalries in the Energy and Transport Sectors

The research focuses on how present Balkan political elites declare that they would adhere to the values of integrating and globalizing Europe in their Balkan…

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Will the Page Turn on Turkish-Egyptian Relations?

Relations have long been complicated between Egypt and Turkey: two powerful countries who share lively economic links and queasy political relations.

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Causes Of Cold War

International relations were very much influenced by the cold war that dominated the international scene, particularly after World War II.

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The China strategy America needs

The achievement of the Trump administration was to recognise the authoritarian threat from China. The task of the Biden administration will be to work out what…

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