International studies

The Chinese Soft Regional Hegemony “Mechanisms and Challenges”

Due to the importance of Soft power on the agenda of any political actor , this study focuses on the…

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The Egyptian-Turkish rapprochement and its reflection on regional issues

What are the Turkish motives behind the rapprochement with Egypt and what is the extent of its credibility?

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Critical reading: China-Iran agreement 2021

China and Iran have quietly forged a comprehensive economic and security partnership that would pave the way for billions of…

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The future of the current international order in light of the rise of major powers: a case study of the People’s Republic of China

Prepared by: Iman Ayman Al-Fakharani – The Arab Democratic Center an introduction:       The international order is now witnessing transformations, including…

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FDI to Japan and Trade Flows: A Comparison of BRICs, Asian Tigers and Developed Countries

Although still dominated by firms from developed countries, foreign direct investment (FDI) flows from developing nations have increased significantly.

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Will the Page Turn on Turkish-Egyptian Relations?

Relations have long been complicated between Egypt and Turkey: two powerful countries who share lively economic links and queasy political…

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World Systems theory

World systems theory   , also known as world system analysis, is a theory of social analysis and social changes from a macro-social…

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Institutional Approach – Institutional analysis

The development of political analysis was associated with the development of research methods from one stage to another.

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Security in International Relations

Security studies have taken an important place in scientific research and studies, starting with the Treaty of (Westphalia) in 1648…

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