Military studies

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and National Security: IDF Strategy as a Model

Artificial Intelligence (AI),   which is the behavior of certain properties characterized by computer programs, make them mimic human mental abilities and patterns of work.

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Europe at war: Globalization vs Geopolitics

The paper examines the EU's challenges in the field of migration, and suggests how Brussels and EU governments might promote…

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Armies, Militias and (Re)-Integration in Fractured States

Efforts to reconstitute and rebuild state security institutions in post-conflict states will require not just technical and organizational fixes, but…

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The North Atlantic Treaty – NATO Treaty

Signed in Washington April 4, 1949, ratified by the Senate on July 21, 1949, ratified by the President of the…

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Elements Of National Power

More possession of these elements does not determine a nation’s power; hence they should not be termed as the determinants…

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Causes Of Cold War

International relations were very much influenced by the cold war that dominated the international scene, particularly after World War II.

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The Role of the Military in Russian Politics and Foreign Policy Over the Past 20 Years

The Vladimir Putin regime has framed the Russian national idea in terms of security and militarization, both domestically and internationally.

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Turkish interests in the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia

The conflict on the border between Azerbaijan and Armenia was not a surprise to those who know the history of…

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Alliance Formation and the Balance of World Power

The question "what causes alignment?" is a central issue in debates on American foreign policy, and the choices that are…

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