Maghreb studies

Morocco sick of Western Sahara

This abundant literature made available to all Internet users confirms the centrality of the question of Western Sahara in the…

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The challenges facing Algeria in the African Sahel region

Algeria lives on the impact of a turbulent regional context and sources of threat with security dimensions, whether from the…

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Tunisia’s government is stuck between its own workers and the IMF, What’s next?

Workers across Tunisia are on strike to demand higher pay in a standoff with a government struggling to tame unemployment,…

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Socio-economic effects of the Covid 19 pandemic and the economic recovery; case of Morocco

Specialists (economists, sociologists….) as well as ordinary people agree that today, the corona virus pandemic has disrupted the daily social…

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A comprehensive file on the issue of normalization between Israel and Morocco between the past and the present

An agreement was announced regarding the normalization of relations between Israel and Morocco, for the Kingdom to join Arab countries…

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Political obstacles to the Maghreb integration project

Clear international economic system parameters and manifests itself features little by little in the light of contemporary international political and economic changes to…

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