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Security studies

The concept of peace

The linguistic meaning of the word peace is clear in the language that it is one of the names of God, the Most Beautiful, is God, who has no god but He is the Holy King, peace.

Concept of Security Studies

The field of security studies has attracted the interest of many researchers in political science in general and international relations in particular

The concept of security media

The concept refers at first glance to the relationship between the media and security. The media of all kinds (read, audio, audio and visual) contribute to enhancing security knowledge.

Is it too late to reverse climate change?

Nuclear energy, zero-emission vehicles and sunpower solar panels can all help to reverse the negative effects of climate change that we have already observed throughout the world.

New Cold War

The new Cold War’s origin is generally traced back to December 1979 when the Soviet Union intervened in Afghanistan.

Causes Of Cold War

International relations were very much influenced by the cold war that dominated the international scene, particularly after World War II.

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