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What is the nuclear bomb?

As Russian troops invade Ukrainian territory, President Vladimir Putin has just made a resounding announcement. More than an announcement, it…

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Can we survive a nuclear attack?

The explosion of a nuclear weapon is likely to have immediate adverse effects and devastating long-term impacts on the climate.…

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What is the distance between Earth and the other planets of the solar system?

For millennia, man has had a fascination with the sun, the planets and the galaxies. A fascination symbolized by various…

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What is a nuclear power plant and how does it work?

Nuclear power represents the third source of electrical energy production in the world behind fuel oil and coal. At the…

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Calculate the effects of a nuclear bomb thanks to this site

History lessons teach us about World War II, and with it the use of the atomic bomb. The damage caused…

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Are male and female brains really different?

For a long time, the differences between men and women have raised many questions. Some have even come to examine…

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What is the ideal temperature in a bedroom to sleep well?

After a long and exhausting day at work, everyone deserves a rest. Nothing more enjoyable than spending a good night’s…

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What is the coldest city in the world?

In France, when temperatures drop below 0°C in winter, it’s almost the end of the world for some. Indeed, many…

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What is the sound barrier?

Since the 2 nd World War, many governments have continued to invest in the design of supersonic aircraft. During the piloting of the…

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