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Hello, this page is special for contacting us at any time, whether to send us an article, research or study seeking to publish it in our encyclopedia or to submit an application or inquire about a specific topic.

Sending articles, research and various files Word / PDF is via the contact form below or through the main email [email protected] Important note: We do not accept the articles of researchers that were previously published in several other sites and this is see Until Khokhl punishes sites with duplicate and copied content in abundance (even if the author of the article is the one who sent it to us)

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Types of articles and research

1- Articles and political research.

2- Security articles and research.

3- Articles and economic research.

4- Articles and research on historical incidents.

5- Articles, strategic research and international conflicts.

7- Political, economic and legal concepts and terms.

8- Translations of articles by historians or those interested in political, security, economic, environmental and legal affairs.

9- Articles and research on social and environmental issues.

10- Presentation of new book publications on politics, security, economics, and law sciences.

11- Publishing masters and doctoral notes and theses.

12- Publishing the content of national and international scientific forums.

Conditions for accepting the article or research:

1- Not using the language of insulting, slandering and irrational defamation.

2- Not to use racist language against any group or individuals.

3- Not using pornographic images or words.

4 – Not to infringe upon the property rights of others, whether in the transmission of texts (meaning cutting and copying is strictly prohibited) and the name of the author and its source must be mentioned.

5-That the article is not previously published on the Internet and is not repeated (this is verified by a special program)

6-Adding information sources “very important”

7-That the article be at least 800 words.

The obligations of encyclopedia management.

1- Communicating with the writer about his article or research for a period not exceeding 48 hours

2- Publishing the article in the name of the writer and without changing or modifying the encyclopedia, so the writer can use his article as a reference for him at any time.

3- Explain the reason for rejecting any article (in case of rejection).

4- We never ask for money in order to publish any researcher’s article, and everything remains free.

5- Our site undertakes to publish the article on the Facebook page and the Twitter’s encyclopedia page.

6- Submit a request to the writer and consult him in case there was a need to amend the titles and paragraphs, whether in terms of formulation or an idea.

7- Send your name and surname + photo + short (optional) for use in the encyclopedia.

A note about intellectual property.

Important note: Regarding the books published in the encyclopedia and downloadable. Regarding the books and messages published in the encyclopedia and downloadable, there are books and messages sent by their owners, especially the old ones, and some modern books, but the rest of the books and messages we only collect from a network The Internet, where there are many of them published on various sites, forums and social networking sites for years, meaning that we are not “photographing” or “copying” books or messages but rather we are only collecting and arranging them to facilitate students’ access to them and benefit from them to accomplish their scientific research. If you believe that the posting of any of these electronic files violates the laws of publishing and distributing your research, books, the publishing institution in which you work or those who legally represent them, or any violation of any kind, please report this file via e-mail to [email protected] That the electronic file notification and removal will be considered within a maximum period of 48 hours. On the other hand, we are pleased to be a participant with us in enriching the content of the encyclopedia, and benefiting your fellow researchers and scholars. We await your contributions to be published immediately after review. We receive your contributions by one of the following means:

– You can rely on the following contact form for questions: Click here Email:[email protected]

SAKHRI Mohamed

In order to publish electronic copies of your valuable research and literature in the encyclopedia and deliver them to more than 300,000 readers, contact us via our mail: [email protected]

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