Authors : Souad Khaldi .


This study looks to extract the public relations models (James Grunig) practiced in post disaster diplomacy by the Algerian government related to the 21 May 2003 BOUMERDES Earthquake and their roles in internal/external communication. This research is based on a self interpretation (new concepts) of these terms: Public Relations models, environment levels, and internal/external communication. The interpretation of these terms was inspired from their interaction, overlap and their use in a specific relation which is disaster diplomacy activities used by government and foreign states toward affected government in an attempt to create a new framework that deal with terms within the context of the relationships and understanding them by using its approaches and tools. As findings from this study; internal communication (all the communication strategies practiced inside the country at micro-mezzo environment levels) and external communication (communication diplomacy practiced between states in post disaster diplomacy at macro environment level). Environment in this research is all the communicational strategies done inside and outside the country that surround and have a direct impact on state whether positive or negative.


Public relations, Crisis, Boumerdes earthquake, environment, communication. العلاقات العامة