Youcef Bougherara – Department of Political Sciences – University of Oran2

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Translated by: Mrs Naima AMOUR University Stambouli Mustapha Mascara Algiers


 Cyber security is considered one of the contemporary security challenges that have faced many difficulties by several factors when it comes to application, in particular, the states. It became a conceptual dimension to be examined by the academic community, and creating a knowledge-based framework that makes it easier for decision-makers to find out solutions and prospects at the empirical level. Therefore, Algeria is considered to be one of the countries that have set foot in field of the electronic management and cyberspace. This has resulted in repercussions for the Algerian state to adopt reforms and a security strategy in order to achieve its cyber security in cyberspace.

Keywords: Algerian strategy, cyber security, cyber defence, cyberspace.