Dictatorship as a condition for domination

Dictatorship, in its physical violations of public liberties and rights, differs in color between “individual rule” and “institutional robbery” of states, and the apparent one highlights the extent of the tragedies caused by totalitarian regimes compared to the extent of soft usurpation practiced by Western institutions, as the legacy of central regimes burdened with debts Economic and political dependence confronted its people with crises and pests, to the extent that it dried up the sources of the revolution and shouted in the face of the truth when it called for social justice, either “order will continue” or “chaos” will be the costly alternative, as if the peoples destined more colonialism in its civilized white dress to keep it in its The bottom of backwardness and fear.

However, the dictatorship, which is adorned with civilization, democracy and European values, cannot abandon the oppression of libertarianism and its failure to man. With every moral and historical test of the international community and its human rights institutions, the question is renewed whether the West has the right to adhere to its civilizational and human claims?

Thinking away from the neoliberal narrative

According to the European Manifesto, the West has the right to claim the protection of its civilizational values ​​outside the borders of the Union, according to the neo-colonial description adopted by the West to gain the right to extend its empire, such as the potential threat and the protection of democracy and human rights. However, with the impasse in which the Russian-Ukrainian war caught the Europeans, the awareness of the anti-Western narrative about common values ​​was reinforced. After the wave of Ukrainians’ displacement towards Europe, the racist and supremacist statements of the West followed, and the matter became more clear when the skies of Europeans buzzed with the wave of “sanctions hysteria” imposed on sports, culture and literature. Russian.

The West does not move except according to an expansionist tendency against the Russian and Chinese ambitions that invade the fragile economies in the region, threatening the interests of its empire in the flaming southern banks, when the United Nations and its institutions and the European Union annexes will rage to criminalize the genocide of the Rohingya and other Muslims of Western Central Asia, as a political card that lacks humanitarian and moral commitment Western civilization, its purpose is to reduce the influence of China. A position that contradicts the allegations that the Chinese government denies that there is no genocide against the Rohingya minority, but it has always been reinforced by the economic interest of the neo-colonial countries to trim Russia and China’s control over the Arab region.

It is wrong to leave the Western narrative about China’s crimes against the Rohingya to be part of a “neoliberal dichotomy” that is: economy or freedom, as China, in its representation of a repressive totalitarian regime, is nothing but an image reflected in the mirror of the “irresponsible” Western civilization, as promoted by many of those They fell into the bosom of dependence and stooped over the atrocities caused by its industrial and military machine. China needs more than a trillion dollars in its reserves for the continuity of its economic activity, and it is ready to receive thousands of factories producing greenhouse gas to maintain the movement of global industrial activity.

China appears as a large factory exploiting millions of the proletariat to increase the surplus profits of the European oligarchy, but it is no different from the West in dealing with fears due to waves of liberation. Nationalities, this is confirmed by what Le Figaro newspaper published in November 2011 in a report that the majority of the French, estimated at 54%, says that whoever controls power in France is – in the first place – the financial markets, before the President of the Republic and the government, who got 49% , on a par with “large multinational corporations”.

Although “expression of opinion” and the selection of Western leaders by “civilized” democratic means enhances all efforts aimed at strengthening the principle of democracy in the world, it collapses as soon as there are movements against racism and the hideous exploitation of capitalism and institutional (institutionalist) dictatorship. brutal means of repression. Perhaps France – the country of “liberties” and “enlightenment” – whose liberal leaders are immersed in their racist populist rhetoric, is not late in naming the “yellow vests” movement the organization that threatens European democracy. To be “liberal” means accepting the “civilizational condition.”

The operations of “internal displacement” carried out by American banks, as they expel their economic dealers from their homes into the street, are similar to the process of achieving “humane civilized conditions” for prisoners and criminals, instead of neutralizing the causes of social, economic and political crime. Moral obligation to man. Legalizing “legitimate violence” by carrying a weapon is accompanied by imprisonment in the event of committing a crime in violation of the “law,” and taking consumer bank loans is nothing but a cover for the crime committed by the “institutional Western dictatorship.”

What the Westerner has become involved in within a world driven by absolute interest is his detachment from the “civilized commitment to human values” according to which people coexist, which makes him hostage to a “monopolistic institutional dictatorship” of the surplus of financial transfers and looting companies. And productivity does not represent the “maximum human well-being” when liberation movements call for a fair division of wealth, as consumer goods, with their abundance and diversity, are no longer enough “the amount that bread gave” to the idea of ​​life and decent living during their dark ages, when Europeans were fighting over one loaf of bread. .

With the difference of civilizational transition and human development, “the bread that Christ commanded his followers to eat instead of the manna that their ancestors dared to refuse, and as soon as they ate it, they asked to replace it with something inferior” turned into a commodity with a specific value and period, and it is within daily consumption that barely meets the individual’s need. Indeed, the greatest danger that threatens Westerners at a stage when humanity is sensitive to the conditions for the survival of civilization is the commodification of democracy, freedom and humanity within neocolonial molds, disguised slavery, brutal racism, and systematic killing of the human world.

phobia towards freedom

On the other hand, with the social and economic differences in the Arab region with its Western theory, the insecurity was not isolated from the ongoing transformations in the north, and perhaps the “creative chaos” that US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice heralded as the “Arab Spring” with its “costly consequences.” , was not to the extent granted by the revolution to those who rose up in the face of the remnants of Western colonialism, for more than half a century the guards of the reserves from stray dogs were defending the borders bequeathed to them by colonialism. The new ones are to win the transformations imposed by the historical moment, to reproduce more submissive and compliant comprades.

One of the paradoxes that the West is betting on is that the “last comprado survivors” will be preserved, who continue to kill the political and social life of their countries in order to preserve Israel’s security. It killed hundreds of thousands of innocents in order to stay on the neo-colonial order, perhaps changing its aggressive and barbaric behavior, but towards whom?

It is certain that the behavior that is demonstrated in order to appease the empire’s recognition of the feasibility of maintaining Arab dictatorships, depends on the extent of its kinship with the Israeli racist regime, and the size of the concessions that can be the guarantor of the continuity of the imperialist robbery of the national wealth, in addition to working to “form a full regime” that possesses The authorities and their branches, even the military establishment, cannot remove the “political mafia” that threatens its stability and security, except with a green light from the Western masters of democracy and freedom. Contracting it, demolishing its walls, and spreading its people towards freedom and justice.

SAKHRI Mohamed
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