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Discover Related Research Papers with Cutting-Edge AI-Enabled Search Engine

The academic landscape is ever-changing, with new breakthroughs emerging on a daily basis. Yet, identifying relevant information in a fast and effective manner can prove to be a daunting task. To tackle this issue, Consensus has crafted an AI-driven search engine tailor-made for scholars, replete with numerous functionalities, chief among which is the capability to locate interlinked research papers.

The Ultimate AI-Powered Search Engine by Consensus operates through advanced artificial intelligence algorithms that retrieve precise results from an array of academic sources such as books, journals, conference proceedings, and more. With access to millions of articles from over 10 million publications worldwide, Consensus’ powerful search capabilities, driven by natural language processing (NLP), enable academic users to promptly find what they need without having to navigate multiple websites or databases for hours on end.

One of the distinctive features of Consensus is that it not only searches across these vast resources but also employs sophisticated machine learning models trained upon thousands of scholarly papers in various disciplines, including medicine, engineering, and computer science, among others, to evaluate results based on relevance. This ensures that users receive the most relevant results tailored to their specific research requirements at any given time.

Consensus is easy to use, with a user-friendly interface that facilitates quick access to some of today’s most valuable knowledge bases, regardless of users’ expertise levels. To use it, simply visit, enter your question, and Consensus will provide a summary of the top 5-10 real published papers. It will also give you the consensus of the scientific community about your question. If you find a paper relevant, you can click on it, and Consensus will take you to its full text.

For instance, if you asked Consensus, “Does artificial intelligence contribute to the fight against crime?” it analyzed several papers and found that 85% of them argued that artificial intelligence contributes to the fight against crime.

Discover Related Research Papers with Cutting-Edge AI-Enabled Search Engine

Additionally, Consensus provides various sorting options that enable users to customize their queries and refine their search criteria effortlessly. This feature saves valuable time and allows researchers to hone in on the most relevant results quickly. With Consensus, scholars can streamline their research process and make informed decisions based on the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available in their respective fields.

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