Economic studies

Functional Economy a new approach of consumption

Authors : Mounia Khelfaoui . Soraya Sedkaoui . Abdelkader Kheddaoui Mustapha .


The abundance of consumer products that the world knows since the industrial revolution has generated excessive consumption behavior. The consequences of this relentlessness on products and services are dramatic on the environment, insofar the latter can no longer support the waste caused by this abusive behavior. In an effort to protect the environment, voices have risen to denounce these unconscious actions and call for rationalizing consumption. Among other theories mobilized appears the functional economy as an effective alternative because it proposes to privilege the use of a good to his possession. Thus, the purpose of this article is to define this new concept and to determine its contribution in the advent of a new era of consumption for the protection of the environment.


Functional Economy; Consumption; Circular Economy; Sustainable Development; Waste

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