How an appropriate brand tone can boost your business ?

Consumption patterns have evolved, as you know! Now, consumers are not simply buying a product , they want to adhere to a brand and promote values ​​through their purchases.
It is to capture these prospects, whose profile includes the same values ​​as you, that the concept of brand tone comes into play . Tone plays a huge role in the message you want to convey to your audience. It gives information, and evidence, about your personality, your culture and your corporate values.
Read on to learn more and adapt your tone to your target!

The tone reflects your brand character

Tone is the way you use to convey a message. Even if you have great news and it is announced with the wrong language, your message will not have the desired effect. Conversely, negative information can pass very well if you put it in the forms expected by your community.
Brand tone is made up of vocabulary, clarity of voice, tempo, and the emotions that flow from it.
To consumers, tone says a lot about your company’s values, personality, and quality. It speaks for you, it is a means of communication in its own right.

With the employee tone, Internet users know immediately if you are an innovative, reliable, friendly brand or, on the contrary, a boring, old-fashioned and unconvincing company.

The brand tone creates an emotional connection with the audience

Often overlooked in favor of product benefits, emotions play a big role in consumer buying decisions . The “wow” or “meh” effect that your brand inspires will determine the rest of the purchase journey.
Ask yourself this question: what reaction does the customer have when thinking of you? What feeling came over him? Boredom, pleasure, happiness, disgust, indifference…?
If you manage to create an emotion, you can easily overtake your competitors!

Brand tone influences trust

The purchasing process of customers goes beyond a simple need, they also need to have confidence in the brand or the company.

Confidence will be present if your tone is worthy of your benefits. For example, Netflix can afford a common, sometimes familiar language with its users. The steaming platform being an object of entertainment, users expect to speak to an extrovert interlocutor who speaks like their group of friends.
On the other hand, Airbus, which is aimed at state leaders or wealthy entrepreneurs, must adopt a professional, sustained and enlightened tone. Their prospects need to be sure that the company is extremely reliable and serious . The brandmust inspire security , greatness and performance.

A suitable brand tone improves your notoriety

In a world where all brands look the same and use the same marketing strategies, finding an original brand tone sets you apart .
If you made the right choice, your potential customers will come closer to your brand, because you will appear more human, more natural. If they identify with you, then they will more easily share your content, which will improve your notoriety.
Wanting to create a different brand tone is a double-edged marketing strategy. If it is too far from your target, you risk scaring away your prospects! But conversely, if you stand out from the competition by capturing more consumer attention, your business will experience a great evolution.
To create an effective brand tone, you will need to know your target and what they expect from you.

SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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