Security studies

Islamophobia, racism and health

By James Nazroo and Laia Bécares


Racism has been argued to be a focal element of ethnic inequalities in health (Williams 1999, Krieger 2003, Nazroo 2003, Paradies et al. 2015), impacting on the health of ethnic minority people through differential exposure to socioeconomic, environmental, psychosocial and healthcare-related pathways. In this chapter we explore the implications of this for the health of Muslim people in the UK, with the intention of illustrating how Islamophobia, racism targeted towards Islam or Muslims, harms the health of Muslim people. The evidence we draw on is mainly from studies of racism and health, so the primary focus is on ethnic minority people in general, with discussion of a range of health outcomes. Nevertheless, the conclusions from this evidence are clear on the harm of Islamophobia to health

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Publisher: Runnymede

Year: 2017

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