Macron’s plot: Have Muslims become a burden on France, or do they not read history?

Written by: Mohsen Al-Koumi – The Arab Democratic Center

In light of the accelerating events in France, and in light of Macron’s attempt to ignite the fuse of division between Muslims and others; In an attempt to break down the social peace between the threads of a single French fabric.

In the midst of these events, fair people cannot forget what is the Islamic role in France and how the Muslim scholars had a scientific renaissance that weaved its strings to all parts of Europe, not only France. Arabs have entrenched effects and sublime virtues on Europe combined.

Where the Arabs influenced European civilization and we calculated that we know that the philosophy of Islam remained as a science being studied until the year 1650 AD and that European philosophers did not understand philosophy except from Ibn Rushd’s explanations, and that those who worked in medicine in Europe and elsewhere, their practical acceptance in medicine was Ibn Sina. Arab medicine alone is the kiss of European thinkers. Indeed, hundreds of Arabic words that prophesy civilization and science have entered European languages ​​and have become urgent; Such as: an instrument, a package, an elixir, chemistry, algebra, and a wheelbarrow, for the Arabs were the ones who taught them silk making, weapon making and gilded knitting, mosaics, crystals, paper, dyes, paints, metals, algebra and arithmetic with its numbers.

The bounties of the Islamic conquest of France.

Islam in France is not considered a mere coincidence or a fleeting change that occurred in previous years. Rather, all of France is nothing but a state that was among several states for Muslims in Andalusia, and France lived the life of Islam from 719 to 972, as the writings of fair historians indicate On the rich Islamic history in France, which began before the end of the first century AH, despite the misleading and blindness of the French authorities to this date, but rather the French intellectual and political leaders who want to gain the support of their extreme right-wing constituents, echo the phrase (France is Christian – Jewish in origin), contemplating an honorable history of Islam in France .

The beginning of the Islamic entry into France was in the Umayyad era, specifically in the early second century AH, when France did not have a teacher originally, but were barbaric tribes, bandits and thieves sponsored by some monks, and at that time France was known as the land of Gaul, and since this date France experienced a great renaissance on The hand of Muslims, until the number of Muslims now reached to be the religion of Islam in the second place at the level of the French Republic after the Catholic religion. Muslims are no longer a minority in France, as they were in the 1960s. But today, they number approximately six million Muslims, and some sources say seven million. The number of mosques reaches 2,449 mosques, according to the figures of the French Ministry of the Interior for the year 2012. The Muslim community in France is the largest religious community in all of Western Europe. Hence, this Islamic presence goes back to its roots in the depths of history, specifically in the year 714 during the reign of Caliph Umar bin Abdul Aziz. And that when the Muslims mixed with the French, they spread the safety and security of these warring barbarian tribes that raise the law of the jungle over the values ​​of humanity under the auspices of a corrupt monasticism, as the French historian François Clement says the first entry of Muslims into the region beyond the Pyrenees took place between 714-715 AD, and in the year 720 AD The Islamic control over the region of Narbonne was led by Al-Samah bin Malik Al-Khawlani, who penetrated until he reached Toulouse, then he was martyred in a battle there ([1] ). .

The Islamic conquest of France conveyed much good, the most prominent of which is the agricultural impact, as the Muslims transmitted the Islamic monuments, the greatest of which was the agricultural impact, as the Muslims taught the French great lessons in agriculture and transferred their agricultural sciences to them from the East to them, and it is said that the  brown wheat,  which is now one of the most important crops of France, is from The remnants of the Arabs, who carried its seeds, and were the first to plant it in France, and it is also likely that they were the ones who carried palm seedlings   from Andalusia and Africa to Gaul, as the horse breed in southern France was affected by these conquests as a result of the crossbreeding of  purebred Arabian horses  with the strains of Frankish horses ( 2) )

Among the assurances of the French benefiting from the Islamic rational conquest and its transformation from brutality to great civilization at the hands of the Muslim conqueror is what it gets from Islamic coins in the Aquitaine and Narbonne regions, located in the south of France .. The age of these coins goes back to the eighth century AD, Specifically, the year 95 AH (715-716 AD), that is, in the era of the Umayyads. This means that in those French regions there was an Islamic rule in some way ( [3] ) I found these coins written on it: (In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful, there is no god but God, He alone has no partner.)

Some researchers also discovered the remains of ships bearing Andalusian signs in the area between Marseille and the city of Cannes, including a ship discovered in 1962 at sea near the city of Agay.

Social peace in France:

The social ladder is considered a state of balance between the different societal parties in terms of interests, strength, capabilities, and wills. Urged that there is no class that differentiates between the fabric of one people and everyone is equal before the law, and as long as this is the case, religion may be a problem of social peace, where the numerical superiority of some sects over others. This may be a cause for a hole in the wall of the societal peace, and this only happens in the racist state, and perhaps what is happening in French events now confirms the decline of this concept had it not been rectified by the collective mind of the French people, as the Islamic religion is the second official religion in France and is growing significantly numerically France has tried in various ways to stop this amazing progress and prevent the French race to enter Islam, and this has appeared in the politics of some of them. Trying to tamper with this tissue formation among the components of the French people, a long history of cunning politicians in France, the Minister of the Interior in 2012, “Manuel Falls” says:

As this statement is considered a fueling of hatred between Muslims and others, and a harbinger of a violation of societal peace, which France is always proud of in that it is a country of freedoms, justice and dignity, while its politicians are rushing into an extreme hatred of Muslims without a crime they committed, another chapter of hatred spread by extremist racism Marine Le Pen during the elections Presidency of the year 2012 that all meat in the Paris region is meat slaughtered in the Islamic way, and that the French – as you say – consume, without their knowledge, meat slaughtered in the name of Islam and that the French must be informed of this so that they stop, the successful lesson in the language of their politics is to add a sentence “Islam” is in your words, then you will be politically successful and the sects of the people will be satisfied with you. Claude Jean, Minister of the Interior during the Sarkozy era, says: that the Islamic civilization is a “violent and brutal civilization that persecutes women and denies them their rights.”

The politicians were not only the igniters of sedition, but this matter moved to the court of the presidency itself, and that is the catastrophe where the administration in the state and the head of power shifted to the price of a war of the first degree. Macron was not the beginning, but rather preceded him, his predecessor, Sarkozy, where his rule was singled out in a strange state In the history of French politics, being the first president of France surrounds himself with advisors most of them – if not all – from Jews, such as Guinot, his personal advisor, Chatel, his minister for education, and many others…. All this was reflected in the exclusionary manner in which the French administration became dealing with citizens of Muslim origins, at which time Muslims felt pressured against them, which they had not known before. This was represented in the imposition of fines on the wearing of the niqab and the restrictions on the veiled women and on everyone who wears religious clothing related to Islam, while other religions have not known any harassment ( [4] ).

Moreover, pluralism is one of the pillars of the societal peace, where the expression and plurality of the components of society is.

A, good governance is one of its fundamental pillars as well, where its main role is to maintain social peace. Preventing unrest and trying to bridge the gaps of a peaceful hernia in society, and this is what the French administration unfortunately did not show. The intervention of the French administration in this regard and the attempt to ignite discord is a dangerous matter because this paves the way for a new sectarian war threatening the French social peace. The French Council to Combat Islamophobia: “As for private institutions such as driving schools, gymnasiums, beauty parlors and vocational training centers, the percentage of attacks on Muslims because of their religious dress reached 13.74 per cent, and Islamophobia in the field of work increased from 3.59 per cent in 2010 to 11.45 per cent. In 2011, a four-fold increase within one year … » ( [5] )This is a flood of the true lineage presented by the council. On the course of events, for example, we find the Corsica events, where a mosque was attacked with copies of the Qur’an being burned and anti-Arab slogans were raised to embody these fears that have come to afflict French Muslims ( [6] ).

The recent events that France went through in the month of October 2020, as it is considered one of the fiercest months on the societal peace in France, the most recent of which was the attack with a knife on a Muslim family consisting of 9 members, by right-wing attackers, amid the release of racist insults and negative expressions about Arabs and Muslims In addition to tearing the veil of the two women and stabbing them in separate areas of the body, these events indicate the lack of rationality of the French rule, as President Macron and his administration are directly responsible for the course of events, amid his hostile statements to Islam and his Prophet.

The French media was not far from dismantling the system of social peace, as it sought after the events of the seventh of January (2015), when the incident of Charlie’s inventory, and the raging media attack on Muslims led to the spread of hatred towards Muslims.

The flame of the media machine war on Muslims has increased to the point where not a day passes without a televised or broadcast talk about Muslims covered with reports containing distortionary overtones full of contempt and hidden hatred, and with the effect of this ill-fated campaign against Islam, the brain of the French people was washed, and the Muslim became uncivilized, lustful and aggressive. first class .

 Our Messenger Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, with their thinkers:

What Macron pledged in his recent speeches and the tone of hostility and hatred that is in line with his disgusting racist view is to confirm that he is an ignorant who has not read history and that he has closed his eyes to the facts like his predecessors in denying the goodness of Muhammad to humanity. Not only France, the meanings of civilization and great advancement, and how modern civilization will be. Perhaps they will read what their scholars and thinkers wrote about the message of Islam and its Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, including:

  • John Simon adds, “Muhammad raised the flags of civilization, while Amar Doss, a French orientalist, says,“ The most suspicious and suspicious writers have succumbed to the influence of Muhammad’s influence.
  • As for “Goethe”, all of Europe did not reach what Muhammad had achieved, as no one did not advance him.

Continuing the impressive flow of European scholars and thinkers, he says:

  • Count Henri de Castries: “Islam is the only religion that has no apostates,” says Eitan Dene, “Islam has an indelible character and that those who embrace it from Europe are of the special urges that they are far from material purposes.”
  • As for (Albert Howick), he says: I delved into reading the Qur’an and was amazed at its relationship with science, and that Islam does not oppose modern scientific research.
  • As for Henri de Chamillon, he says: “The victory of Karl Martel ( [7] ) over what was preceded by Islam in France has delayed the course of civilization in France by eight centuries and that it plunged Europe into the darkness of the Middle Ages. This researcher says that the Battle of Poitiers under the leadership of Karl Martel was the cause of the delay of France for several centuries, and this confirms fully the great impact of Islam in the development of societies and that the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad, may God bless him and grant him peace, had a great impact on the development of these peoples who lived forever in the past. From delusion and backwardness.

The bags of history express a record of dazzling achievement of the religion of God Almighty and how the Prophet, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him, wrote to humankind the meanings of sophistication and civilization before the existence of France, which were warring tribes who knew no way of civilization.

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