Marketing: How to communicate with Generation Z ?

Representing 32% of the world’s population, they grew up with cell phones, iPads, and can’t remember a time before the Internet. These people born between 1996 and 2009 belong to Generation Z.
Ultra-connected, 74% of these “young people” spend 5 hours or more online every day.
Generation Z is very popular with brands because it offers a significant business opportunity. In 2020, it should represent nearly 40% consumers. However, communicating to under-24s is a challenge. These new consumers have well-defined expectations, desires and aspirations. So how do you optimize your marketing campaigns to appeal to Gen Z? Follow our advice!

1. Create fast and effective content

generation z communication marketing

Even though they spend many hours online, Gen Z’s attention span is 8 seconds. It’s the timing you have to convince them.
It may seem like a challenge, but if you have an Instagram , Snapchat or even Facebook account , you can offer ephemeral, useful and dynamic content. Stories are the best solution to capture the attention of this fast- paced generation.

2. Sell experiences, not products

Generation Z is not interested in over-promotions. Having grown up with the Internet, they are immune to aggressive marketing campaigns. They don’t want to know why your product is amazing; they want to know how it will benefit them. Specifically, what experience will your business bring to them?
That’s why 41% of them consult at least 5 online reviews before buying. You will therefore need an effective content marketing strategy and strong branding if you want to reach Gen Z.
Adopt a narrative and informative approach. Accompany the under 25s in solving their problems and help them achieve their life goals.

3. Use video

generation z video marketing communication

Video content is essential. A Google survey found that YouTube is the #1 platform Gen Zers turn to when they want comfort or entertainment.

80% of teens and young adults use YouTube to expand their knowledge and 68% to improve or learn new skills.

YouTube is therefore the ideal place to broadcast your inspiring and high value-added video content. However, don’t forget to also use this format on Instagram (via IG TV for example), on Snapchat and even on TikTok  ! This last social network is very fashionable among the youngest: of the 800 million users, 41% are between 16 and 24 years old .

4. Emphasize your commitment to privacy

According to research by NGen , for 88% of Gen Zers, privacy remains important.
An IBM survey found that less than a third of teens are comfortable with sharing their personal data online, outside of contact details and purchase history. However, according to this same study, 61% of them would share more personal information if they were sure that the brand was protecting them in a secure way.
So if you’re targeting a Gen Z audience, and you want to collect information, do it with transparency. Openly emphasize your commitment to ensuring the security of their data.

5. Share your values

generation z communication marketing

Unlike their ancestors, Gen Zers amplify change by championing causes they are passionate about via social media. 60% of them want to change the world in a positive way through their work.
To this end, they want to consume brands that are committed, which do good for the planet, which take care of their employees and which promote their charitable actions.
Your marketing campaigns must highlight your commitments, your partnerships with associations and all the actions in favor of a better world.
And if you use influencers in your advertising operations, they should also share the same beliefs.

Generation Z represents a significant portion of the consumer market. But it requires a review of your “old” marketing methods. Bet on dynamic but useful content, adopt a sustainable approach and campaign for a better world. These are the keys to capturing these future loyal customers!

SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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