Role of Human Resource Management in an Organization

Six main role played by Human Resources Management in an organization are: 1. The Conscience Role 2. The Counsellor 3. The Mediator 4. The Spokesman 5. The Change Agent 6. The Problem Solver !

Human Resources Management plays a critical role in an organisation. It plays a crucial role in process of converting inputs into outputs, product design, quality maintenance, rendering services and many other functions depend largely on the human efficiency.

HR also plays significant role in managing finances and managing information systems.

HR manager also plays a vital role. His roles include role of conscience, of a counsellor, a mediator, a company spokesman, a problem solver and a change agent.

1. The Conscience Role:

HR manager plays an important role of reminding the management its morals and obligations towards its employees.

2. The Counsellor:

An important role of the HR manager is that of a counsellor. Whenever an employee is dissatisfied with the job he approaches the HR manager for counselling and guidance.

An employee can also approach the HR manager for counselling for other problems related to his/her personal life which is likely to influence his performance like, health, children education or marriage, mental and physical problems etc. The HR manager listens to their problems and offers suggestions to solve those problems.

3. The Mediator:

In any organisation, there are times when there are differences of opinion and misunderstan­ding between the management and the employee or between employees themselves. Here, HR manager acts as a mediator, a peace-maker and a communication link between them.

4. The Spokesman:

HR manager acts as a spokes person within the company, as well as are representative of the company.

5. The Change Agent:

Change is something always resisted by the employees. HR manager acts as a change agent in order to bring about a change on the existing system or an introduction of a new system.

HR manager acts as a problem solver with respect to the issues that involve human resources management and over all long range organisational planning.

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