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Social Media-extremism Ideas As An Intellectual Security Threat: A Case Study Of Jordanian University Undergraduates

Authors : يوسف ضامن علي خطايبة استاذ مشارك بعلم الاجتماع .


 This study aimed at identifying the relationship between social media and extremism ideas and its role in threaten intellectual security from the perspectives of Jordanian university undergraduates in light of some specific variables such as gender, specialization, place of residence and family’s monthly income. The study sample consisted of 135 male and female university students intentionally selected from The University of Jordan and Al-Balqa Applied University / Ajloun University College, depending on the survey questionnaire to achieve field data and information. The study revealed that there is an effective role of the social media in spreading of extremist discourses and ideas with different influences on Jordanian university students, which uses most of these modern media, such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, Youtube and Internet in variable rates. The study results also showed that the prevalent aspects of social media-extremism discourses that threaten the intellectual security were ranked as follows: Social extremism came first followed by religious, political extremism respectively. In addition, the study concluded that there were no statistically significant differences according to the variable of gender, specialization, place of residence and family’s monthly income. Finally, the study recommended the necessity of treating this phenomenon from the base by dealing with the major extremism reasons, significantly acceleration in the political and economic reform movement, developing of the governmental controlled and legislative role and increasing of community awareness about the negative risks of these media. Keywords: Social media, Extremism discourses, Intellectual security, Intellectual security, Jordanian university undergraduates

SAKHRI Mohamed

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