Political studies

As France and Europe reopen, Australia closes

For most of the past 18 months, Australia has been praised for its exemplary handling of the pandemic.

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International studies

French – Turkish relations under Islamophobia

The variables and determinants that control the interpretation of international interactions and relations vary and religion occupies an important place…

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European studies

Macron’s plot: Have Muslims become a burden on France, or do they not read history?

In light of the accelerating events in France, and in light of Macron's attempt to ignite the fuse of division…

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Historical studies

Historical methods in defence and war studies: The case of historical defence studies in France

This chapter’s main goal is to map and survey the researchers, facilities and methods in the field of defence history…

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African studies

France and the New Imperialism: Security Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa

The role of French security policy and cooperation in Africa has long been recognized as a critically important factor in…

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Security studies

Policing in France

This book is a valuable resource for researchers and practitioners working in and around French policing, as well as students…

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International studies

The escalation of French-Turkish differences in the Mediterranean: the intersection of strategic interests and the intertwining of geopolitical issues

The French-Turkish tension has clearly escalated recently, which is evidenced by the mutual accusations of each other as a result…

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