The 40 Best Digital Marketing Tools in 2023

Digital marketing is essential for any online business: to generate leads and get your first customers.

Are you looking for digital marketing tools that will make your business stand out?

With countless software available, you need time to find the ones that meet your needs.

We make it easy for you: we’ve compiled a list of the main tools you should be using .

The investing-Press teams have tested these tools . So you can believe in their reliability.

  • 1. E-commerce tools
  • 1.1.
  • 1.2. Shopify
  • 1.3. Squarespace
  • 1.4. Oberlo
  • 2. Marketing automation tools
  • 2.1. Hubspot
  • 2.2. Zapier
  • 2.3. Microsoft Flow
  • 2.4. To sell
  • 3. Collaborative tools
  • 3.1. Slack
  • 3.2. Dropbox
  • 3.3. Google Drive
  • 3.4. MS Teams
  • 3.5. Trello
  • 4. Online branding tools
  • 4.1. Rebrandly
  • 4.2. WiseStamp
  • 4.3. PixelLogo
  • 4.4. Mention
  • 5. Graphic design tools
  • 5.1. Canva
  • 5.2. Lumen5
  • 5.3. Piktochart
  • 5.4. InVision
  • 6. Blogging tools
  • 6.1. WordPress
  • 6.2. Grammarly
  • 6.3. BuzzSprout
  • 6.4. Medium
  • 7. Website design tools
  • 7.1. Optimizely
  • 7.2. JotForm
  • 7.3. Sleek note
  • 7.4. Sumo
  • 7.5. Unbounce
  • 8. Analysis tools
  • 8.1. Google Analytics
  • 8.2. ClickMeter
  • 8.3. Heap
  • 8.4.
  • 9. Social media management tools
  • 9.1. Buffer
  • 9.2. MeetEdgar
  • 9.3. SocialPilot
  • 9.4. Crowdfire
  • 10. Natural referencing tools
  • 10.1. Google SEO tools
  • 10.2. CopyScape
  • 10.3. Ahrefs Webmaster
  • 10.4. GTMetrix
  • 11. Conclusion

1. E-commerce tools

If you are developing a business, the term e-commerce should be familiar to you.

It’s about selling products on the internet .

Here are the best tools for your e-commerce business :

1.1. home page home page is an all-in-one tool that allows you, among other things:

  • The creation of sales tunnels
  • The creation of webinars
  • The creation of member spaces
  • The creation of affiliate programs
  • Sending unlimited emails
  • Selling products with your online store

We make it easier to grow your business with our comprehensive features.

Prices :

  • Free for life (without credit card to register)

1.2. Shopify

Shopify homepage

Shopify is an easy to use tool . It allows you to create an online store .

You can immediately launch your business with its features.

Prices :

  • 14 day free trial
  • Packages from €29/month

1.3. Squarespace

Squarespace homepage

If you’ve ever watched ads on YouTube, you’re probably familiar with Squarespace, as they are very active on this social network.

This software allows you to create :

  • personalized domain name
  • Your website
  • Your online store

With Squarespace, you’ll get 24/7 customer support.

Prices :

  • Free custom domain name for 1 year
  • Packages from €11/month (by paying annually)

1.4. Oberlo

Orbelo home page

Orbelo home page

Orbelo facilitates dropshipping (system in which you are a distributor and where the supplier ships directly to the customer).

It is an application that allows you to:

  • Add products to your online store
  • Receive and directly manage orders from your customers

Prices :

  • Free custom domain name for 1 year
  • Packages from €11/month (by paying annually)

2. Marketing automation tools

Automation serves to make digital marketing more efficient and to save time if you are working alone.

The following tools will allow you to automate certain daily tasks such as:

  • Advertising campaigns on social networks
  • email marketing

2.1. Hubspot

Hubspot homepage

Many of us are already familiar with HubSpot.

This tool is one of the best marketing software for your business.

HubSpot is an all-in-one marketing software, ranging from CRM (customer manager) to customer support ticket administration.

It is also an automation tool with the Hubspot Marketing Automation part .

Offering personalized experiences for your customers, this e-commerce solution is used to automate daily tasks such as:

  • Email Marketing
  • Posts on social networks
  • Advertising campaigns

HubSpot Marketing Automation is built into all HubSpot plans .

The software includes free features like:

  • 2,000 emails sent per month
  • A drag & drop email builder
  • Email templates
  • contact lists

Prices :

  • Several free features
  • Packages from €46/month

2.2. Zapier

Zapier automation example

Zapier automation example

Zapier is used to connect your applications and automate your workflows (workflows) .

This tool connects two or more apps to automate everyday tasks.

You will no longer need to code or solicit developers to link them.

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from €19.99/month

2.3. Microsoft Flow

Microsoft Flow home page

Microsoft Flow home page

Microsoft Flow allows you to:

  • Optimize productivity
  • Automate daily tasks with RPA (“Robotic Process Automation”)
  • Create workflows (workflows)

This allows you to better focus on other high value-added tasks, such as digital marketing.

Prices :

  • Packages from 12.60 euros/month

2.4. To sell

Pardot home page

Pardot home page

Pardot is the marketing automation tool of the Salesforce CRM (customer manager) .

Like its big brother, it is aimed at B2B marketers .

By offering personalized content to prospects , Pardot allows you to:

  • Better involve them
  • Improve relations with them

Prices :

  • Packages from 1,250 euros/year

3. Collaborative tools

Collaborative tools allow your team members to communicate to achieve a common goal .

Discover the list of our best collaborative tools :

3.1. Slack

Slack homepage

Slack is a messaging platform that allows organized exchanges with your team members thanks to:

  • When sending direct messages
  • To file sharing

Slack offers several advantages:

  • History of exchanges (messages or shared files) available
  • Adding and connecting tools you already use in your workspace (Gmail, Trello…)
  • Calls (audio or video)

Prices :

  • free version (unlimited time)
  • Paid plans from €6.25/month

3.2. Dropbox

Dropbox homepage

Dropbox is the perfect tool for keeping your team organized and your files secure .

This is a cloud service .

Your files are thus accessible to you at any time and everywhere .

Prices :

  • 30 day free trial
  • Plans from €9.99/month (for small teams)

3.3. Google Drive

Drive homepage

Google Drive lets you:

  • Easy and secure access to all your content
  • Work immediately with existing tools (Google Sheets, Google Doc, etc.)
  • To benefit from an efficient search engine for your research

Prices :

  • 14 day free trial
  • Packages from €1.99/month

3.4. MS Teams

Teams home page

Teams home page

Teams is a solution that allows you to:

  • Switch from chat to videoconference with just one click
  • Share and edit files with your team in real time
  • Better organize you (your notes, documents and calendars are grouped in one place)

Prices :

  • Free Microsoft Teams Plan
  • Paid plans from €4.20/month

3.5. Trello

Trello home page

Trello home page

Trello is a project management software for distributing tasks in a digital board .

This solution is both:

  • collaborative tool
  • marketing tool

Trello offers different offers depending on the size of your business.

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from €10/month (by paying annually)

4. Online branding tools

Online branding (the image of a brand on the internet) is important.

Branding possibilities are constantly evolving with the latest technologies available .

You must therefore have the best tools to enhance your business .

4.1. Rebrandly

Rebrandly home page

Rebrandly home page

Rebrandly is a platform for creating and managing sponsored links.

According to Rebrandly, every sponsored link you create increases click-through rate by up to 39% .

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from €29/month

4.2. WiseStamp

WiseStamp home page

WiseStamp offers a professional email signature to showcase your brand.

It allows you to add at the end of your emails:

  • Your business details
  • picture
  • Links to your social media pages

Prices :

  • 14 day free trial
  • Packages from €2/month

4.3. PixelLogo

PixelLogo homepage

PixelLogo homepage

PixelLogo helps you create attractive logos for your business.

This tool offers a huge collection of logos:

  • 3D
  • 2D
  • Anime

Prices :

  • Free templates available
  • Paid services from €550

4.4. Mention

home page Disclaimer

home page Disclaimer

Mention helps you track your branding online .

This tool shows you where on the web your brand is mentioned .

Prices :

  • Demonstration on request
  • Paid plans from €25/month

5. Graphic design tools

Graphic design improves your brand image and interaction with users .

Attractive graphic design:

  • Highlight the strengths of your business.
  • Allows your brand to stand out.

Quality images unconsciously influence the customer’s choice .

Check out our favorite graphic design tools:

5.1. Canva

Canva home page

Canva home page

Canva is a free graphic design tool .

You can use it to create an almost endless variety of content.

Using Canva is very simple. The tool does not require experience to create:

  • Pictures _
  • posters _
  • Video presentations
  • Posts on social networks

The company offers many free templates , elements and texts.

To access unique content, you can opt for a paid plan.

You can use Canva to:

  • Create unique images from scratch
  • Refine the images you already have
  • Modify the proposed templates

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan (more than 250,000 free templates)
  • Paid plans from €11.99/month

5.2. Lumen5

Lumen5 home page

Lumen5 home page

Lumen5 is a social media marketing video creation platform .

This tool allows you to create brand new video content in minutes .

Lumen5 is the ideal solution to accelerate the growth of your business on social networks and online advertising.

The video format grabs attention and effectively shares your message, compared to text or an image.

Prices :

  • Free “Community” package
  • Paid plans from €11/month (by paying annually)

5.3. Piktochart

Piktochart home page

Piktochart home page

Well-done infographics help drive high conversion rates .

Piktochart allows you to create attractive images without the need for experience .

However, the creation of infographics is initially a professional job.

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from € 24.17 /month (by paying annually)

5.4. InVision

InVision home page

InVision home page

InVision is a design platform that allows you to:

  • Plan a project from a blank page
  • Design prototypes of applications, software and websites
  • Try multiple designs for your next digital product

This tool promotes collaboration within your team , promoting communication and transmitting all the information to the developers to realize the product.

Prices :

  • Free plan
  • Paid plans from €9.95/month

6. Blogging tools

Using a blog as a marketing tool is an effective way to increase your traffic .

With blog posts, you can:

  • Generate new leads for your business
  • Get an overview of the persona (the typical profile) of your customers

Here are the best blog post writing tools you can use to increase your sales.

6.1. WordPress

WordPress homepage

WordPress homepage

WordPress is one of the best free blogging tools .

Its use is very simple .

You can choose from more than 350 themes to create your website.

It is the ideal tool to start working without having to ask for a developer .

You can customize your site according to your preferences and modify it whenever you feel like it .

There are endless WordPress plugins available.

Prices :

  • Free plan
  • Paid plans from €4/month (by paying annually)

6.2. Grammarly

Grammarly homepage

Grammarly homepage

Grammarly is:

  • browser extension
  • An HTML editor
  • Microsoft add-on
  • mobile app
  • computer application

Grammarly helps you write English documents that are organized in a clear and concise way .

It also corrects spelling and grammatical errors.

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from €11.66/month

6.3. BuzzSprout

BuzzSprout home page

BuzzSprout home page

If you’re looking for a platform to launch your podcast , BuzzSprout is the perfect tool.

With this solution, you can:

  • Create
  • Host
  • Track the results of your podcasts

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from €12/month

6.4. Medium

Medium home page

Medium home page

Medium is the YouTube of editorial staff .

It is one of the only sites available where bloggers can post their content and get paid for it .

You can :

  • Read articles for free
  • Share your articles with the public


  • A free plan
  • Paid plans from €5/month

7. Website design tools

The design of your website has a huge impact on your entire digital marketing strategy.

Good design can:

  • Influencing the user experience
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Increase your social media reach

Below are the best tools you can use to create and improve your website design :

7.1. Optimizely

Optimizely homepage

Optimizely homepage

Optimizely combines several tools :

  • Generate new leads for your business
  • Get an overview of the persona (the typical profile) of your customers

You can also interact with your visitors .

The platform has a large number of partners, making it easy to centralize customer data for A/B testing .

This makes it one of the best tools for website building and lead generation .

Optimizely has:

  • An easy-to-use performance chart
  • wide selection of content sharing

Prices :

  • free plan
  • Various paid plans depending on your needs

7.2. JotForm

Google JotForm home page

Google JotForm home page

JotForm allows you to:

  • Create online forms
  • Receive answers directly by email

You can create different kinds of forms according to your needs .

Prices :

  • Free “Beginner” Package
  • Paid plans from €24/month (by paying annually)

7.3. Sleek note

Google Sleeknote homepage

Google Sleeknote homepage

Sleeknote is a pop-up window creation tool .

This solution saves you from asking a professional to set up this feature.

Prices :

  • 7 day free trial
  • Packages from €49/month (by paying annually)

7.4. Sumo

Sumo homepage

Sumo homepage

Sumo is a tool for:

  • Increase your traffic
  • Collect email addresses
  • Track customer behavior on your website

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid package at €39/month (by paying annually)

7.5. Unbounce

Unbounce homepage

Unbounce homepage

Unbounce is a tool that allows you to create landing pages .

It’s an easy way to increase your conversion rates .

Prices :

  • 14 day free trial
  • Paid plans from €80/month

8. Analysis tools

Digital marketing analysis tools allow you to assess the progress of your business and its weaknesses.

These tools help you analyze :

  • Content that converts your traffic
  • How people come to your sales funnel

8.1. Google Analytics

Google Analytics home page

Google Analytics home page

Google Analytics is one of the most effective tools to optimize your digital marketing.

This software provides an overview of data from :

  • Your website
  • Your audience
  • Your digital marketing strategies

Google Analytics is easy to use . This tool helps you improve your website to increase your conversion rates .

It only takes a few minutes to add the Analytics connector to your website.

You can then:

  • Track every action of every visitor
  • Track specific sales goals
  • Analyze how your customers arrive in your sales funnel and what they do on your site in real time

Google Analytics is one of the few analytics tools you can use without knowing how to code .

Prices :

  • Free demonstration
  • Various paid plans according to your needs

8.2. ClickMeter

ClickMeter homepage

ClickMeter homepage

ClickMeter allows you to:

  • To watch
  • Compare
  • Optimize all your backlinks in one place

This tool :

  • Records all activities that occur on different channels
  • Provides full link status report

Prices :

  • 30 days money back
  • Paid plans from €29/month

8.3. Heap

Heap home page

Heap home page

Heap captures customer contacts. Unlike other tools, setting up event tags is done automatically with this tool.

Prices :

  • A free trial
  • Paid plans from €12/year

8.4. homepage homepage allows you to automate :

  • Creation of marketing reports
  • Other manual processes like collecting advertising data

Prices :

  • Free demonstration
  • Packages from €499/month

9. Social media management tools

Social media is an essential part of any online business and marketing strategy .

These platforms allow you to:

  • Get in touch with your customers
  • Increase your brand awareness
  • Increase your sales

9.1. Buffer

Buffer Home page customer review

Buffer is a social media management tool designed to save you time .

It takes a lot of effort to keep your social media pages up to date, especially if you manage multiple ones.

With Buffer, you can:

  • Manage all your social media platforms from a single dashboard
  • Analyze your posts

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from €15/month

9.2. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar home page

MeetEdgar home page

MeetEdgar helps you create a library of permanent content in different categories.

You can post content to your social media pages at scheduled times .

Prices :

  • 7 day free trial
  • Paid plans from €19/month

9.3. SocialPilot

SocialPilot home page

SocialPilot home page

If you want to publish massively , SocialPilot is for you.

This tool offers:

  • Client management functions
  • The centralization of advertisements on Facebook
  • The ability to schedule your posts and shorten your URL links to post

Prices :

  • 14 day free trial
  • Paid plans from €25.5/month (by paying annually)

9.4. Crowdfire

Crowdfire home page

Crowdfire home page

Crowdfire helps you grow your social media presence by:

  • Suggesting relevant articles
  • Giving you advice
  • Scheduling posts for you

Prices :

  • Free “Free” plan
  • Paid plans from €7.48/month (annual payment)

10. Natural referencing tools

Natural referencing is the set of techniques aimed at improving the ranking of a website in search engines .

Natural referencing helps you:

  • Build a better relationship with your audience
  • Improve the experience of your visitors
  • Increase traffic to your site
  • Have an advantage over your competitors

You want to optimize this functionality as much as possible .

Fortunately, there are a large number of SEO tools available to you.

Here are the best:

10.1. Google SEO tools

Google Search Console home page

Google Search Console home page

Google has very effective tools to improve your natural referencing .

There is for example Search Console which helps you to:

  • To watch
  • Maintain
  • Improve the position of your site in Google search results

You can also use Google Keyword Planner to analyze keyword traffic .

Choose your tools according to your specific needs.

We recommend using both together.

Price: Free

10.2. CopyScape

Copyscape homepage

Copyscape homepage

We all need a good plagiarism checker .

This ensures that we do not publish content that is unfavorable to SEO .

Copyscape is one of the best tools for this task.

Prices :

  • Free version available
  • Paid plans from €4.95/month (10 pages maximum)

10.3. Ahrefs Webmaster

Ahrefs home page

Ahrefs home page

Ahrefs Webmaster allows you to:

  • Monitor the health of your natural referencing
  • Analyze your website’s backlink data
  • Know the keywords that bring you traffic

You can use this free tool with Google Search Console to fill in the gaps in your SEO.

Prices :

  • Trial at 7 € (access to all the features of the package for 7 days)
  • Packages from €99/month

10.4. GTMetrix

GTmetrix homepage

GTmetrix homepage

GTmetrix is ​​a simple tool that allows you to test the speed of pages on your website .

The tool gives you a comprehensive report on:

  • The state of your website
  • What you can do to solve possible problems

Prices :

  • Free “Basic” plan
  • Paid plans from €10/month (by paying annually)

11. Conclusion

However, if you subscribe to several of its subscriptions , you will quickly spend a lot of money .

If you want the best tools and connect them together, you’ll quickly spend several thousand dollars a year .

Fortunately, some tools offer free packages or trials.

But above all, solutions at affordable prices offer you all the necessary tools .

You only have one subscription to pay, and no software to connect .

SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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