The future of UK attitudes towards the Kurdistan region of Iraq : interests, possibilities, and opportunities

 Iraq and Kurdistan region represent one of the British foreign policy priorities in the Middle East, for several reasons: foremost of which is the geostrategic advantages it contains. As well as the fabulous wealth that it possesses, which makes it among the countries that receive the attention of many countries of the world And among them is the UK, in addition to the advantages that the Kurdistan Region of Iraq possesses, and its active role in the political decision-making process. Due to the impact of the radical changes that took place in it, after 2003, and the impact of this on the stability of the country and the coexistence of its various sects, and then its impact on the future of security and stability in the region and the world…

According to the British view, Kurdistan is an essential factor in the future of Iraq, as it is the most stable part, compared with the rest of the country, with a relatively stable economic policy, democratic culture. It also represented a safe and tolerant haven for many local or Syrian refugees, of different religions and denominations, which made it gain increasing attention and focus by the UK.

 In recent times, the UK attitudes towards Kurdistan have focused on several issues, including maintaining balanced and stable relations based on mutual respect, based on principles of cooperation and common interests, and seeking to provide all forms of support to Kurdistan and support the war against terrorism. As well as attempts to play the mediating role between the federal government and the Kurdistan government in many disputed cases. 

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