The General Algeria’s History In Energy Resources Production


All previous studies used to deal with the topic of Algerian energy resources starting from hydrocarbons discovery, while this period is a small part of Algeria’s rich history in producing energy resources. We have discovered that since his first settlement in Algeria, man has made of the energy production a profession, and for a long part of his history, he has dominated the international trade of some of these energies. So, the matter is more related to the blessed Algerian land, which whenever a new type of energies appeared, turned out to be one of its largest producers. As Algeria gradually moved from agricultural energies to fossil, to later appear to be possibly one of the largest producers of renewable energies. Our study will help to understand the reasons of major powers succession in occupying Algeria, whose energy resources have always driven the armies and brought prosperity to the greatest empires.

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SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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