The Political Reform in the Reign of His Majesty King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein – Jordan


This study focused on the political reform during the reign of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein. It concentrated on the definition, principles, and fundamentals, constraints of political reform besides its stages and aspects . The study concluded that it is difficult to completely comprehend the impacts and results of a political reform, since the reform process has been continuing. The political reform in this period was characterized by the flexibility towards the people requirements and enhancement of citizenship concept and sovereignty of Law in order to achieve the multifaceted democracy that believes in debate and protects the national unity. Despite all these efforts, political parties in Jordan didn’t play its real role in the political reform process. The study recommends making more efforts to spread the awareness for the civil and political rights of people as well as protection of human rights and freedom, besides the necessity to show the initiatives and achievements of Jordan under the reign of King Abdullah II bin Al-Hussein.

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SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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