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The Role of Cybersecurity to Protect our Information

Cybersecurity covers all measures that are implemented in the application of online services to ensure sufficient protection of information from potential attacks and
compromise. It involves systems that are designed to protect and secure computer systems, networks, and programs from cyber-attacks. The primary aim of cybersecurity is to maximize the confidentiality of private data and ensure the integrity of computer networks and systems. The study aimed at exploring the role of cybersecurity in protecting personal information and limiting possible cyber attacks that might lead to huge financial and technical losses for organizations, governments, and individuals. The study addresses the goal by reviewing previous literature on cybersecurity measures and examples of targeted attacks that have been recorded in recent years. Based on the findings, the cybersecurity measures that are commonly adopted in organizations include the installation of malware defenses, controlled use of managerial authorization, auditing of logs, and continuous system monitoring. The measures ensure that information is protected from potential attacks. Continuous monitoring of systems helps identify unusual events on the networks. Controlled use through managerial authorization is also critical towards the protection of personal data from potential attacks. The adoption of these measures is essential in providing cyber defenses. They also protect data, systems, and networks from attacks. The measures guarantee internet users, whether individuals,  organizations, or governments’ privacy and safety of private information. The inclusion of cybersecurity in modern world politics can also help in the formulation of policies that enhance the safety and privacy of personal data in cyberspace. Cybersecurity is equivalent to national security, and it is for this reason that governments take an international approach in protecting their activities in cyberspace.

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