Global; migration; neoliberalism; postcolonial; race; theory EN Global migration neoliberalism postcolonial race theory 137 148 12 03/23/20 20200301 NES 200301 In recent years, long-standing global structural formations of racism and imperialism have been coupled with a resurgence or intensification of authoritarian and even fascist political movements. IV The contributions featured in this monograph issue re-engage with a range of popular sociological debates, including those around class, debt, migration, capitalism and democracy; but they do so by means of new and original research from a range of global locations and traditions. The first is social science analyses of migration that fail to grapple with the deeply political implication of migration. Here, in drawing on Carl Schmitt’s differentiation of “politics” from “the political”, Jonsson advocates for analysing migration in the latter category, suggesting that such a framing positions migration as a social “force that transforms the political ordering of society”.

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