UAE from the Ministry of Happiness to the Ministry of the impossible

UAE from the Ministry of Happiness to the Ministry of the impossible

The writer / Mohamed Baghdadi

   Ph.D – Faculty of Economics and Political Science

    They are the creative ideas that transformed the whole country from the stage of silence and tranquility in all fields to the stage of self-realization economically, politically, culturally and socially, and then placed itself on the developed world map, and the certificate of States Developed itself as Dubai International Airport won the “Airport of the Year” award as the world’s largest airport with the number of international travelers awarded by Air Transport News and also won the Middle East’s Best Airport in 2015 in a Business Traveler poll.

     It is not a unique precedent for the Emirate of Dubai to make progress, or for the State itself to achieve this success. It was the result of the intellectual progress achieved by Sheikh Zayed Al Nahyan. He was born in 1918 in Abu Dhabi, (Zayed I), who ruled Abu Dhabi from 1855 to 1909. Sheikh Zayed is the youngest of the four sons of Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed bin Khalifa. When he was four years old, his father, Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed took over the reins of power. Sons of his homeland. He also attended his father’s council, which was attended by all citizens, and shared their suffering at a time when pearl trade and fishing trips were the main source of income in such a region.

      Sheikh Zayed led the Emirate of Al Ain in 1946 and the lack of resources was not a stumbling block to the development and renaissance of Al Ain, but the development came very quickly through his wise guidance. The first Al Ain School was opened in 1959 and the first market, road network and hospital were established. The strategic decision taken by Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan to rethink the ownership of water and make it available to all communities in the city and harness it to increase agricultural areas. In 2018, Abu Dhabi became one of the most important countries in the region. From the renaissance of Aley during the years Past few in various fields, Dubai is one of the most prestigious Emirates within the UAE which had a lion’s share of fame and development.

        In the past, the country was suffering from an arid desert, especially in the 1830s, where only the port of Dubai existed before the UAE federation; it only acquired a limited number of schools and health centers; the population worked in the fishing profession; Abu Dhabi has recently established four nuclear power plants in cooperation with foreign Asian countries and has set up a clean power plant. In addition,

A unique precedent in the Arab world. The development of education lies in the opening of branches of major universities in the world. Abu Dhabi is a giant institution that develops in a different way of learning and provides educational centers for the largest number of students.

           One of the reasons that helped the UAE to reach this unique stage is the process of empowering women in various fields, especially in the parliamentary institution. Abu Dhabi has the highest participation rate for women in parliament in the Arab world. Women are also engaged in many different fields of work and jobs; There are jobs led by women, including aircraft and aeronautical engineering, as well as many other areas

      Which makes the country in the advanced stage of going to the future strongly, and if we look at the tourism sector, we can not limit the reasons why Abu Dhabi is one of the most famous tourist destinations in the world; you can enjoy many places of entertainment and shopping, towers and hotels; and trade centers, tourism is one of the most important resources As well as the availability of places suitable for all types of trips: adventure trips, family trips, other than skiing.

       If we look at transforming Dubai into a smart city, this is a major shift in Abu Dhabi’s technology world. This means that many government services will be offered to citizens via the Internet using smart and advanced devices. And will replicate this experience to move from the courts to all the cities of the United Arab Emirates. We can say that money can not achieve the goals without a thought that leads to achieving the goals efficiently and effectively so as to achieve the desired progress and development desired by each country; without the thought and reason of the UAE has reached what it is now; the minds and science are those who brought this enormous development in the state of progress.

      According to international indicators, the State of Abu Dhabi has advanced by four advanced centers by achieving the highest value of the index of smart electronic services within the activities of a questionnaire established by the United Nations Committee for Economic and Social Affairs, where the United Arab Emirates surpassed all expectations as it achieved in this index (0.8913) Making it eighth in the world in terms of the value of that index, which is a major component of the overall index of e-government development.

       Abu Dhabi has advanced in both Sweden and Italy and Japan in smart and e-services. With this remarkable success, the UAE has retained its regional and international leadership in the eServices Index, the first in the Arab and Gulf countries, the third place in Asia and the eighth in the world. As for the electronic participation index, both Abu Dhabi and Doha achieved first place among the Arab countries, and together reached 32nd place globally. It is worth noting that the UAE has been placed in the list of countries that are distinguished at the level of the world in terms of the level of renaissance on the path of e-government development.

      How can we benefit from the progress achieved by the UAE? How can it be reproduced taking into account the different circumstances? There is no place for those who can not create a new idea and create their own future.


SAKHRI Mohamed
SAKHRI Mohamed

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