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US Foreign Policy in the Middle East: From American Missionaries to the Islamic State

The dawn of the Cold War marked a new stage of complex U.S. foreign policy involvement in the Middle East. More recently, globalization and the region’s ongoing conflicts and political violence have led to the U.S. being more politically, economically, and militarily enmeshed – for better or worse—throughout the region.

This book examines the emergence and development of U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East from the early 1900s to the present. With contributions from some of the world’s leading scholars, it takes a fresh, interdisciplinary, and insightful look into the many antecedents that led to current U.S. foreign policy. Exploring the historical challenges, regional alliances, rapid political change, economic interests, domestic politics, and other sources of regional instability, this volume comprises critical analysis from Iranian, Turkish, Israeli, American, and Arab perspectives to provide a comprehensive examination of the evolution and transformation of U.S. foreign policy toward the Middle East.

This volume is an important resource for scholars and students working in the fields of Political Science, Sociology, International Relations, Islamic, Turkish, Iranian, Arab, and Israeli Studies.

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SAKHRI Mohamed

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  1. Comment l’impérialisme Américain avait été rejette par les Peuples d’Afrique et de l’Amérique du Sud ,cet impérialisme est revenu par la porte de la Palestine pour anéantir ce peuple que sa Patrie est confisquée par la Résolution 181en 1947 au profit du Sionisme ,Israelien. Du Moyen-Orient au pays du Golf le sionisme guide ,dirige l’impérialisme comme parapluie protectrice à ses crimes contre les peuples de la Région.Le sionisme oeuvre ,s’active actuellement en Libye,en Tunisie ,en Algerie , en Mauritanie grâce au Roi HassenII,Mohamed VI avec toute la collégialité de Shass.

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