What is Hubspot CRM and why use it in your company?

Table of Contents

  • 1.What is Hubspot?
    • Hubspot Tools
  • 2.How can Hubspot help your business?
    • Productivity
    • Lead capture
    • Convert leads into customers
    • retain customers
  • 3. Example of what Hubspot can do for your company
    • Example for a B2C company
    • Example for a B2B company
  • 4. Is it possible to integrate Hubspot with other platforms that you are already using?
  • 5.Hubspot Partner Agencies
    • Bloo Media can help you by being your Hubspot partner
  • 6.Hubspot Pricing
    • Hubspot Free
    • Marketing Hub Awards
    • Sales Hub Pricing
    • Service Hub Pricing
  • 7.Packs Hubspot
    • Pack Starter Hubspot
    • Pack Pro Hubspot
    • Pack Enterprise Hubspot
  • 8. Conclusions

The digitization of companies is an opportunity that many companies are still not taking advantage of. A few years ago it might be thought that digitizing the company’s processes or the way of attracting customers was an option that would differentiate it from the rest, but today more than a differential value, it is a necessity so as not to be left behind and lose competitiveness.

Digitization is linked to productivity . Digitizing the internal part of the company will improve the company’s productivity, since it will facilitate the work and day-to-day life of employees. We could say that this digitization is internal, of the internal processes of a company, such as customer management.

But there is also an external digitization, focused on how to attract new customers . Marketing has evolved a lot in recent years, and potential customers are behind a screen. Therefore, having a digital presence and working on the different aspects of digital marketing is necessary to remain competitive.

Hubspot can help you digitize your company both internally and externally , which is why in this article we want to talk to you about this magnificent and complete CRM.

What is Hubspot?

Hubspot is a platform for managing customer relationships , popularly known as CRM (Customer Relationship Management) , although it actually goes much further, since it is also a marketing platform, a CMS and much more, as we will see below.

Hubspot is the perfect tool for marketing, sales, and customer service team collaboration . It allows a potential client to work, from their attraction, to their passage through the different phases of inbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing is the methodology that, by combining different digital marketing strategies, captures potential customers and accompanies them through the different phases of the sales funnel until they become a customer. 

Hubspot already has more than 128,000 customers around the world, figures that increase every day due to the need for companies to grow and improve the digitization of both internal processes and customer acquisition.

Hubspot Tools

Within the Hubspot platform we have several different software. We can hire all of them or just the ones we need.

Marketing Hub

It’s Hubspot’s marketing software. This will help you increase your website traffic, convert more visitors into customers, and run full inbound marketing campaigns.

Some of the options that this software allows you are:

  • lead generation
  • marketing automation
  • Analysis and reports

Sales Hub

Hubspot ‘s sales CRM software . This software will allow you to collect the most relevant data from your potential clients, automate the most tedious tasks and close deals faster.

Some of the options that this software allows you are:

  • Customer and lead management
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Other

Service Hub

Customer service software that will allow you to get in touch with customers, exceed their expectations and turn them into promoters that enhance the growth of your company.

Some of the options that this software allows you are:

  • Feedback with customers
  • Tickets
  • knowledge base


Content management software that is flexible for marketers, powerful for developers, and gives customers a trusted, personalized experience.

Some of the options that this software allows you are:

  • Editor drag-and-drop
  • Good SEO practices
  • Themes and templates

Operations Hub

Operations software that syncs your apps, cleanses and organizes customer data, and automates processes so all your systems and teams collaborate better.

Some of the options that this software allows you are:

  • data synchronization
  • Programmable automation
  • Data Quality Automation

Source: hubspot.es

How Hubspot can help your business?

As we have seen, Hubspot is a very complete tool that offers several integrated software on the same platform. With Hubspot you can improve internal customer management processes, as well as attract and retain new customers .

All the options that Hubspot can help you with are almost endless , so we are only going to name a few of them:


Managing a database with many customers, each with different information and at a different stage of the sales funnel, can involve extensive management time and many tedious tasks.

With Hubspot, the information is clearly organized , much of it is automated and it also allows the marketing, sales and customer service teams to work together.

Having a good organization, detailed, easy to understand for the different departments and up-to-date, will make work easier and save employees a lot of time , as well as allowing them to create digital marketing strategies, such as email marketing campaigns, among many others.

Lead capture

Hubspot allows the creation of content to drive traffic to the website . From the platform itself you can publish articles, create CTAs, downloadable content, forms, landing pages…

It also integrates the different social networks into its platform so that you can publish directly from Hubspot, or schedule to publish at the right time.

Convert leads into customers

Once a lead has been captured, you can work, even in an automated way, to continue adding value to it and be able to convert it into a customer . We will see an example later.

retain customers

Hubspot’s platform also allows for personalized customer service , the foundation for keeping customers happy.

The client can create tickets and send their doubts so that they are resolved as soon as possible. In addition, there is also a chat to be able to have quick feedback on any problem.

Examples of what Hubspot can do for your company

Example for a B2C company

Juan has a company in which he sells products related to fitness , bodybuilding and cardio machines, both for end customers and for gyms and sports centers. (B2C and B2B)

On the other hand, Pablo is a 40-year-old man who does not have much time to play sports , and wants to be able to take advantage of his free time to exercise at home . So Pablo starts googling cardio exercises that he can do without leaving his home.

Juan, after doing a study on what his buyer person is looking for on Google, realizes that there are many users who are looking for how to do sports at home , so he creates an article on his blog about the different ways to do it, he shares it on networks and positions it in Google (evidently for this it has an SEO strategy with which it positions this type of article in Google).

Pablo performs the search on Google and enters the blog of Juan’s company. He likes the article, and also sees a CTA where he says that a “monthly training plan without leaving home” guide can be downloaded for free. Pablo clicks on the CTA , which sends him to a landing page where he puts his information in a form to be able to download the guide for free . He gives you to send and receive by email the guide that he longed to have.

Pablo is happy because he has valuable content for free, and Juan is also happy because he has a lead from a potential client.

Juan, who uses Hubspot to manage his leads, has an automated workflow, and when someone receives the email to download the training guide, he automatically sends another email after 3 days with related content.

Pablo receives the email, and sees that one of the recommended articles may interest him, since it is related to the guide that was downloaded. In this case, the article is about the best cardio machines at home, and that can be folded so as not to take up much space. He walks into the article and sees a series of folding cardio machines. An exercise bike, a rowing machine, among others. He catches the rowing machine, so he clicks on a link that directs him to other blog content, which is about “The best rowing machines to have at home”. Once in this article he sees a list of rowing machines, all of them foldable to be used and stored without taking up much space. He sees one that he likes and its price isn’t very high, so he clicks and goes to the product page. He doesn’t buy itYou subscribe to the blog so you don’t miss any interesting content .

Juan, from Hubspot you are seeing the entire route that Pablo is doing . He realizes that he needs a push to finish shopping, so, after 3 days, he sends him a promotional code of 5% valid for 7 days. That push helps Pablo make up his mind and buy the product.

Once purchased, Javier does not know how to assemble the machine, since he is not exactly a handyman. So he submits a ticket. From the customer service of Juan’s company, they see the problem, and at the moment they send Pablo a content already created in the blog on how to assemble the machine step by step, and answer his doubts.

Pablo sets up his machine and starts exercising at home. He is very happy because he has solved the problem he had. He even recommends a friend to buy the same machine because he liked it a lot, and of course he tells his friend where he has compared it.

After a few months, Pablo is satisfied with the product and is thinking of expanding his mini gym at home. Since he is subscribed to the newsletter he receives articles from Juan’s blog every week. This week he received an article on the best exercise bikes and he is starting to think about buying one to expand the exercises he can do from home.

Example for a B2B company

Martina has a cybersecurity company , which helps companies prevent and solve cyberattacks. For its marketing strategy, it uses the Hubspot platform to attract customers, and one of its strategies is based on attracting customers through content.

Ernesto has a company that offers financing services , and handles sensitive information about his clients. Ernesto is concerned because he has seen the growing number of cyberattacks on companies , and has heard the concept of phishing on more than one occasion, but he does not understand exactly what it is, so he searches for it on Google, and finds an article where it explains what it is and how they hurt businesses.

The article that Ernesto has read is from Martina’s blog on her company’s cybersecurity website, which is integrated into Hubspot. In that article, Ernesto has seen a CTA in which he could download a guide on the Types of phishing that cost companies the most money , and he has downloaded it. To do this, he has filled out a form on a landing page and received an email with the download link.

Now Ernesto has more information about what interested him, and he knows about the need to improve cybersecurity in his company.

Martina already has Ernesto in her database. In addition, by downloading the guide, another automated email will be sent to you on ways to improve cybersecurity in your company, among which you have services such as training your own employees, or monitoring for the early detection of threats.

When Ernesto receives the email with these services, he already knows the importance of improving cybersecurity, and also in the email he is offered a free consultancy to see what his company would need to be cybersecure . He clicks on this email and reserves the consultation with a specialist from Martina’s sales team.

An employee of Martina’s sales team has seen on Hubspot that a potential client has asked her for a free 30-minute consultation, so she prepares her entire sales arsenal to be able to explain to the lead the need to hire her services.

Martina’s sales team employee converts the lead (which the marketing team attracted thanks to a content strategy) into a customer . Ernesto is satisfied with the contracted service since he solves the problem he had before meeting Martina’s company, and Martina’s company has one more client.

Is it possible to integrate Hubspot with other platforms that your company is already using?

Of course. Hubspot ‘s api allows integration with a large number of platforms . For example, if you already have a WordPress website, you can still integrate your website with Hubspot to manage your leads and even create your content directly from Hubspot.

To learn how to create integrations with Hubspot and some of the most interesting ones, we recommend:

HubSpot integrations to increase productivity in your company

Hubspot Partner Agencies

Hubspot partner agencies are those that offer their marketing and sales services through the Hubspot platform, and have managed to be considered partners by Husbpot for their good work.

These agencies are specialists in working on the marketing of their clients through Hubspot, being able to offer services related to marketing, sales and after-sales service depending on the client’s needs.

Bloo Media can help you by being your Husbpot partner

At Bloo Media we are specialists in Inbound marketing through Hubspot, offering solutions to our clients such as:

For the attraction phase:

Creation of content to attract customers to the website . In this first phase, the client investigates, understands and defines his problem, and identifies his pain. Some of the solutions we offer for this phase:

  • Buyer Person
  • Customer Journey
  • SEO Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Social Ads
  • Google Ads

For the phase of interest:

The buyer person has understood their pain, and analyzes the different methods available to solve it: Some of the solutions we offer are:

  • Design and creation of downloadable content
  • Download Landing Pages
  • Forms
  • CTAs
  • Automated emails
  • Workflows

For the decision phase:

The lead makes the decision to hire the service that best solves their problem. To close clients we have solutions such as:

  • Remarketing through Social Ads
  • Personalized emails and workflows
  • Creation of consulting booking calendars with specialists
  • Success stories

Hubpot Pricing

The prices of the Hubspot fees depend on the services you want to contract, and the options you need for your business.

Hubspot Free

What does Hubspot’s free CRM include?

Free marketing tools:

  • Forms
  • mail marketing
  • ad management
  • Landing pages
  • Shared inbox

Free sales tools:

  • live chat
  • basic bots
  • team mail
  • Quotes
  • Calling

Free customer service tools:

  • Use of tickets
  • Post scheduling
  • live chat
  • Shared inbox
  • Calling

Free trading tools

  • data synchronization
  • historical synchronization
  • Default field mapping
  • App Market Integrations
  • Contact Management

Marketing Hub Awards

Starter: 41$/month

Includes 1,000 marketing contacts. All free marketing tools plus:

Remove Hubspot branding from:

  • Forms
  • mail marketing
  • Landing pages
  • live chat

Get help fast

  • Technical support via email and in-app chat

Pro: 740$/month (most used)

Includes 2,000 marketing contacts. All the free marketing tools plus those from Starter, plus:

Automate and personalize interaction across channels

  • Omnichannel Marketing Automation
  • Account-based marketing tools and automation
  • Dynamic Personalization
  • Content in multiple languages
  • Social networks
  • Video hosting and management
  • Qualification of contacts and companies

Organize efficient campaigns

  • collaboration tools
  • Campaign management
  • Equipment

Optimize conversion campaigns

  • A/B testing
  • Ad optimization events
  • Lead Creation Attribution

Create custom reports

  • Website traffic analytics
  • Campaign reports
  • Custom reports
  • Salesforce Integration

Get advanced technical assistance

  • Telephone technical assistance

Enterprise: 2944$/month

Includes 10,000 marketing contacts, everything mentioned in previous plans, plus

Manage your teams and brands

  • single sign-on
  • Content compartmentalization
  • team structuring
  • permission sets
  • Edit permissions per field
  • Email sending frequency limit

extend the platform

  • custom objects
  • Salesforce Custom Object Sync
  • adaptive tests

advance your reports

  • Multi-Contact Revenue Attribution
  • Behavioral event triggers and reports
  • Predictive lead scoring

Sales Hub Pricing

Starter: 41$/month

2 paying users included. €21/month per additional user.

Free tools with higher limits, plus:

Remove hubspot branding from

  • live chat
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Documents
  • personalized emails

Organize your sales process

  • Conversation pipeline
  • Recurring tasks and task queues
  • multiple currencies
  • stripe integration

Operate with ease

  • calling sdk
  • goals

Get help fast

  • Technical support via email and in-app chat

Pro: 414$/month (most used)

5 paying users included. €81/month per additional user.

Starter tools plus:

Manage your growing team

  • sales analytics
  • Equipment
  • Sales automation
  • Customization of records
  • Required fields
  • Custom reports
  • Forecasts

Customize your scope according to your needs

  • sequences
  • Personalized Video Messaging
  • Smart Shipping Hours
  • Account-based marketing tools and automation

Configure, price and quote

  • Products
  • Calculated Properties
  • Electronic signature

Get advanced technical assistance

  • Telephone technical assistance

Enterprise: 1104$/month

10 paid users included. €110/month per additional user.

Pros and also…

Customize the tool for your company

  • custom objects
  • team structuring

Expand administrative controls

  • advanced permissions

Orient and activate at scale

  • sales analytics
  • Practical guides
  • conversation analysis
  • Predictive lead scoring

Service Hub Pricing

Starter: 41$/month

2 paying users included. €21/month per additional user.

Free tools with higher limits, plus:

Remove hubspot branding from

  • live chat
  • Meeting Scheduling
  • Documents
  • personalized emails

Organize support channels

  • Shared inbox
  • team mail
  • Ticket pipelines
  • Simple ticket automation
  • basic bots
  • Calling

Streamline communications with customers

  • Recurring tasks and task queues
  • mail templates
  • Featured Snippets
  • Slack integration

Improve retention through kpi

  • Tracking and email notifications
  • Panel of informs
  • Closed ticket reports
  • Rep Productivity Reports
  • Reports on time to close

Get help fast

  • Technical support via email and in-app chat

Pro: 331$/month

5 paying users included.  €67/month per additional user.

Starter tools plus:

Expand help desk through automation and self-service

  • Help Desk Automation
  • Ticket pipeline
  • knowledge base

Carry out a smooth onboarding

  • sequences
  • Video hosting and management
  • Personalized Video Messaging

Expand relationships with customers

  • Contact Standard Qualification
  • Forecasts
  • NPS Surveys
  • Customer experience surveys
  • Customer satisfaction surveys
  • Custom reports
  • custom surveys

Get advanced technical assistance

  • Telephone technical assistance

Enterprise: 331$/month

10 paid users included.  €110/month per additional user.

Pros and also…

Manage growing teams

  • permission sets
  • team structuring
  • Edit permissions per field
  • single sign-on

Customize processes

  • custom objects
  • Calculated Properties
  • Customization of records

Optimize performance to encourage growth

  • conversation analysis
  • goals
  • Practical guides

Pack the hubspot

You can hire starter, pros and Enterprise products from different services in the same package, at very low prices.

Sarter Hubspot Pack 41$/month

Essential software for marketing, sales, support, CMS and operations.

It includes:

  • Marketing Hub Starter : Start with 1,000 marketing contacts
  • Sales Hub Starter : Starts with 2 paid users
  • Service Hub Starter : Starts with 2 paying users
  • CMS Hub Starter
  • Operations Hub Starter

Pack Pro Hubspot 1474$/month

Advanced software for marketing, sales, technical support, CMS and operations.

It includes:

  • Marketing Hub Pro : Start with 2,000 marketing contacts
  • Sales Hub Pro: Start with 5 paying users
  • Service Hub Pro : Starts with 5 paid users
  • CMS Hub Pro
  • Operations Hub Pro

Pack Enterprise Hubspot 4600$/month

Our marketing, sales, support, CMS and operations software.

It includes:

  • Marketing Hub Enterprise : Start with 10,000 marketing contacts
  • Sales Hub Enterprise : Start with 10 paying users
  • Service Hub Enterprise : Start with 10 paying users
  • CMS Hub Enterprise
  • Operations Hub Enterprise


Hubspot offers a very interesting option for the internal and external digitization of your company, helping to increase productivity , improving customer management and after-sales service, and increasing customers thanks to digital marketing strategies

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