What is the ideal temperature in a bedroom to sleep well?

After a long and exhausting day at work, everyone deserves a rest. Nothing more enjoyable than spending a good night’s sleep to repair and recharge the batteries. This quality of sleep is not limited to the length of your night’s sleep. Other much more important parameters determine the quality of sleep. Among these is the ambient temperature of the bedroom for sleep well. In this regard, you will be delighted to learn that there is a ideal temperature which facilitates a restorative sleep.

A temperature between 16 and 18°C

According to the National Sleep Institute, ideal room temperature to sleep well is 18°C. Still, a temperature between 16 and 18° facilitates better quality sleep. A priori good news, although you are entitled to wonder why this interval.

The average human body temperature is around 37°C. But this temperature during the day does not present any constancy. However, to fall asleep, this body temperature must drop by 1 or 1.5°C. How to achieve it? It’s quite commonplace, but only the brain more precisely thehypothalamus takes care of this task. Indeed, this part of the body controls the falling asleep and the sleep of the human being.

What about sleeping in a room that is too cold or too hot?

At the time of natural sleep, the body temperature must drop, and the hypothalamus ensures its effectiveness. If you sleep in a room where the temperature is too low, your muscles contract. Therefore, they try to generate heat. Such an action affects the quality of your sleep.

At the same time, a person sleeping in a room with a rather high temperature also exposes himself to risks. Indeed, this ambient room temperature alters the drop in body temperature. However, this reduction must in all cases be done naturally without external intervention. As a result, you will experience fatigue, malaise, and sometimes headaches.

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The ideal temperature for a baby's room

The ideal temperature for a baby’s room

Babies and children are particularly fragile beings. For this, parents are invited to be vigilant on a daily basis in maintaining the ambient temperature of children’s rooms. Indeed, during its first months, thermal regulation in the newborn shows signs of immaturity. Unlike adults, children are more sensitive to abnormal lowering of body temperature.

Thus, the Ministry of Health and Health Insurance recommends a temperature of 18°C ​​for a child’s bedroom. However, by maintaining a temperature between 16 and 20°C, the child will also benefit from restful sleep.

In summary, keeping a bedroom at an ambient temperature is essential for good sleep. As you know, the quality of sleep plays a decisive role in your body and your physical health.

For an adult, a temperature between 16 and 18°C ​​remains ideal for promoting a good night’s sleep. This question of ambient temperature for the bedroom also concerns newborns and children. But for this category, a temperature between 18 and 20° allows them to sleep peacefully.

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